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Discover our selection of trendy women's skirts from IKKS

The skirt is the feminine garment par excellence. With each new season, the IKKS collection of women's skirts is enriched with new fashionable creations. Women's skirts are short or long, plain or printed, trapeze, skater, pencil or wrap. The skirt comes in all colors and materials: blue denim skirt, black leather skirt, pink pleated cotton skirt, white patterned wool skirt. The skirt thus adapts to every trend and every season.

Sublimate your silhouette with IKKS women's skirts

The skirt is women's clothing for all occasions. It can be worn by day for a casual style or by night for a rock chic look. Discover our collection of women's skirts for 100% IKKS style.

The timeless black leather skirt for a rock chic look

The must-have IKKS skirt is in black leather. Find this emblematic skirt of the brand with rock details in silver color. This skirt is always in fashion and can be worn for both day and evening. The black leather skirt can be short or mid-length. Generally pencil-shaped and close-fitting, the black leather skirt shapes your silhouette. Pair it with a flared women's sweater from our new collection and a studded leather women's belt. With the black leather skirt, fully assume your rock chic style by pairing it by day with loose-fitting ankle boots and by night with vertiginous pumps. The black skirt is a must-have in your wardrobe. With the same skirt, you can go from casual to evening wear.

The denim skirt for folk and casual style

Another must-have item in your women's wardrobe: the denim skirt. Buying a denim skirt is the assurance of having a fashionable piece whatever your morphology. The denim skirt is available in different sizes. You can choose between a buttoned, flared, pencil or wrap skirt. For colors, you'll have the choice between raw blue or faded denim.

All skirt variations

The women's skirt is available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. This is a huge advantage for building up your glam'chic, folk or casual style. A short flared skirt with floral print ruffles and you're transported straight to summer on the beach. The beige pleated long skirt with a play of transparency gives you an ultra-trendy autumnal bohemian style. Add a little whimsy to your outfit with colors and patterns that leave no one indifferent. With a pink or zebra print skirt and you're sure to stand out.

Different cuts and lengths for the IKKS women's skirt

Just like the women's dress, the skirt is a garment that has cuts of lengths suited to all feminine silhouettes. Whether you prefer a pencil skirt or a long flared dress, the IKKS collection will meet your desires and trends.

The classic or daring straight skirt

The straight skirt is the basic skirt we all have in our wardrobe. Classic length, classic color often plain. It's your tailor's skirt for business meetings. And yet, the pencil skirt can be daring if you make the right pairing choices. Wear your pencil skirt with high shoes like pumps to gain leg length. Dare more freedom by pairing your pencil skirt with white sneakers.

The long skirt in summer and winter

Women's skirts offer a whole new look if they have a longer length. Long skirts are often associated with chic bohemian styles with flowing cotton fabric in summer. The long pleated skirt is ultra-trendy in winter. Wear it over tights with a buttoned-up chunky knit cardigan.

With which accessories to pair your women's skirt?

The women's skirt is one of the women's garments that can easily be paired with a whole range of outfits and accessories. The IKKS collection of women's skirts goes well with a wide range of clothes, belts, jewelry and shoes available in store or online. Create your IKKS style with a women's skirt as a base.

What belt to wear with your IKKS women's skirt?

When you buy a skirt, you think about how to wear it with the rest of your outfit. First think about the belt you're going to pair it with. IKKS offers a wide range of belts for women: classic black leather belts, tie belts or wide belts. A pencil skirt prefers a thin, discreet leather belt. On the other hand, a short or long flowing skirt goes very well with a wide tie belt for an assertive bohemian style. Not all skirts need belts. Some fit perfectly around your waist and stand on their own.

What to wear for a trendy look with a women's skirt?

The skirt isn't one of those women's garments that you throw on quickly without thinking about the other pieces you'll be wearing in your outfit. The skirt is glam'chic paired with a tote bag and pumps. For formal occasions, a flowing long skirt with boots and a clutch will give you an elegant bohemian touch. For an important meeting, slip on a women's blazer jacket and pencil skirt for a balanced silhouette. A denim skirt can be paired with a plain shirt for a chic sportswear look. If you're all about a feminine look, dare to wear a black leather skirt to emphasize your silhouette.
The women's skirt is a must-have for every style. Pair it with a women's bomber jacket, leather boots, a striped shirt or a knitted sweater and your style will change completely. Indulge yourself with our collection of women's skirts in a variety of cuts and colors.