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Jumpsuits, Playsuits


Now a must-have, the one-piece jumpsuit offers a look that's always on-trend. Long or short, plain or printed, neutral or colored, the IKKS jumpsuit is always a good idea. Ultra-comfortable, they perfectly illustrate Mademoiselle IKKS's spirit of freedom and lightness!

How much to wear a women's jumpsuit?

Jumpsuits have only recently become available in women's boutiques. Originally worn by workers, jumpsuits have been stylized to become a must-have item. Jumpsuits mark women's waists with flowing or form-fitting cuts. They can be cinched in at the waist with a belt, or combined with a wide range of accessories. Jumpsuits are available in black, pink or white. They can be chubby, in velvet or simply in cotton. Choosing a jumpsuit means asserting your sartorial identity, whatever your morphology. Here's how to choose the right women's jumpsuit for you.

Jumpsuits: a modern addition to your wardrobe

The jumpsuit or pantsuit is a garment inspired by working-class outfits. The great designers have succeeded in making women's jumpsuits a trendy product, suitable for all body types. We offer a wide range of suits in all sizes, materials and colors.

The different models of overalls

The main types of jumpsuits or pantsuits vary according to season and use:
- Trouser suits are the most common. With short or long sleeves, the pants-combi offers a long cut. They can be fluid or form-fitting. Long jumpsuits are often tightened at the waist to emphasize and enhance your silhouette. Pantsuits are available in all materials (cotton, corduroy, etc.) and colors (black, white, pink, etc.).
- The combishort is the lighter version of the long jumpsuit. With its short legs, it's the ideal summer garment! Short jumpsuits often come in bright colors or floral prints. They're a great alternative to dresses in summer, giving women greater freedom of movement. For a festive look, opt for a dark, silver or gold combishort, to make a splash in the evening. Don't hesitate to wear a combishort with tights in winter to enhance your figure and legs.

How to wear an IKKS women's jumpsuit?

Contrary to what many women think, jumpsuits are made for all body types. It's not enough to be slim and trim to wear women's jumpsuits. On the contrary, fashion has taken the diversity of women's bodies into account and now offers clothes to suit every figure. All you need to know is which suit suits you best:
- If you're tall, opt for long women's jumpsuits. Go for trouser suits with short or long sleeves. A denim jumpsuit is perfect for showing off your waist. You can wear your jumpsuit with flats or pumps to further slim your silhouette. Tighten your jumpsuit at the waist with a belt and other accessories like a long necklace or a fashionable leather women's bag.
- If you're petite, the combishort is your ally. The combishort adjusts your waist and enhances your curves. However, a long jumpsuit is always an option if you want to elongate your figure. Wear it with high heels for a rock chic look.
- If you're luscious, don't take refuge in flowing jumpsuits. Instead, opt for a form-fitting jumpsuit that will enhance your curves. You can opt for a tight collar or a low neckline. And why not opt for a jumpsuit with lace up the back or corduroy for instant glam street style.

How to choose the women's jumpsuit that's right for you?

Jumpsuits are the practical, comfortable garment par excellence. You can wear a jumpsuit for any occasion and with any style of clothing. From glamorous to casual, women's jumpsuits are sure to satisfy.

For a casual yet chic look

For a casual, relaxed look, you can choose a denim pantsuit. Denim jumpsuits are visually similar to bib and brace overalls, but with more class. Wearing this style of jumpsuit, you can go out every day in sneakers or heels for a glam rock look. The combishort is also perfect for summer. With a floral or pink print, shorts add freshness to your style.

For an elegant look

The pantsuit is the chicest garment. Long the preserve of slender working girls, it's now the perfect combination for all women who want a touch of elegance in their daily lives. Whether at work or in the evening, the long jumpsuit is the perfect way to showcase a powerful woman who makes a style statement.

At IKKS, you'll find trendy pantsuits and shorts made from quality materials. Add to this combination fitted accessories like necklaces, a black leather bag, a studded belt or heeled shoes for an elegant, rocking IKKS look.