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Tops, T-Shirts


IKKS offers a collection of trendy tees, tank tops and camisoles to match your iconic pieces. Say goodbye to the basic white cotton T-shirt. Open the doors of your wardrobe to peppy tops for summer, and rock-patterned T-shirts for an assertive look. Choosing the right top to match the rest of your outfit is essential. Discover our collection of women's tee-shirts and tops for a silhouette that's either romantic bohemian, elegant and casual or rebellious and chic.

The women's tee-shirt, an essential fashion accessory

To each new season its novelties in the IKKS women's clothing collection. Tops and tee-shirts are no exception, with sleeved and sleeveless models available in fashionable sizes and colors. The IKKS women's T-shirt adapts to every woman's desires, making it an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. From classic tank tops to short-sleeved cotton tees in a variety of patterns, discover our selection of trendy items.

Women's short- or long-sleeved tee-shirt

The tee-shirt is the women's garment that declines to infinity. In autumn, the tee-shirt offers long sleeves and a basic color like white, black and a ribbed texture in warm cotton. With a round collar, women's long-sleeved tees slip discreetly under a trendy knit sweater. For more originality, opt for a striped tee. The marinière top is a must-have in your wardrobe for all seasons. In summer, tee-shirts are lighter, with flowing materials like linen designed to keep the body cool. Women's short-sleeved T-shirts are the most common garment in a woman's wardrobe. Easy to put on, they are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Buy basic T-shirts that pair perfectly with patterned pants and skirts. Underneath a woman's black leather jacket, a plain white tee gives you unmistakable rock style. On the other hand, if you prefer to make your own style statement with a women's top, IKKS offers a selection of printed t-shirts. Trendy prints include leopard for a wild look, jungle or tropical prints for a fresh silhouette, and rock prints featuring a pop star or an impactful message. Classic or rebellious, IKKS T-shirts are the answer to all your desires for a personalized, unique style.

The top, the tank top and the sleeveless camisole

Temperatures are rising, but you want to keep elegance even in your outfit. It's up to you to book the trendiest tank tops in our collection of IKKS women's tops and camisoles. The traditional white camisole with thin straps needs no introduction. Slip it under a sheer top or wear it on its own over women's shorts. The solid-colored tank top is a timeless summer staple. White, ecru, pink, printed, in cotton, linen, with lace or ribbed texture, the sleeveless top is designed to bring you comfort and elegance for every occasion.

Take up sport lightheartedly with a women's bra from IKKS

Also in the collection of women's T-shirts and tops is the sports bra. Made from breathable cotton, this bra supports your breasts during sporting efforts. It can be worn over a tee-shirt or sports tank top. With an original, colorful and patterned design, the IKKS women's bra offers elegance even during your sports session. Now there's nothing to stop you from having style and freedom of movement during your yoga or Pilates session.

How to match your IKKS women's tee shirt

Get all the information you need to match your top with the rest of your IKKS women's outfit. What types of t-shirts go well with a woman's skirt or pants? What goes best with a woman's denim jacket? How can I achieve an elegant look with a T-shirt? Looking chic with an IKKS T-shirt is possible thanks to our iconic pieces and their refined rock details. From basic tank tops with straps to retro printed tees, our selection of women's clothing makes it possible to achieve a wide range of looks.

A rock silhouette with a printed tee

Infuse your outfit with a rock touch with an IKKS patterned tee. The IKKS spirit can be seen on a range of short- and long-sleeved tees. With a rock visual, assert your rebellious character. Whether it's a skull and crossbones in hand-embroidered beaded jewels, a message in sparkling flocked velvet, or a portrait of a popular rock icon, there's no shortage of motifs in our range of tee-shirts to sublimate your look. Go for the thick cotton tee with acid wash treatment for a grunge effect, to match with black jeans and jacket.

A chic look with a lace top

For a chic, understated silhouette, dare to wear lace. The timeless white or black lace camisole is for you. In linen, cotton or soft satin, the lace tank top offers whimsy and elegance to your outfit. Wear alone or under a woman's suit jacket. For a romantic effect, opt for lace inlays in the back with a sleeveless top. With a wide round neckline, the lace tank top offers a lingerie trend that pairs perfectly with a shirt from the IKKS women's collection.

An everyday casual look with a solid-colored tank top

For everyday and a more casual style, there's nothing better than the basic jeans, sneakers and plain tank top. Spice up your outfit slightly with trendy colors like anise yellow, pink, navy blue or watermelon red. And if you want to be a little fanciful, choose a top with a collar embellished with jewel-like topstitching.