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Jeans Pantalon


One women's garment that has stood the test of time and remained fashionable is denim jeans. Women's jeans come in a range of colors and sizes to suit every need. From high-waisted regular jeans to low-waisted slim jeans, denim pants adapt to all feminine silhouettes for a variety of styles. Discover our collection of IKKS denim jeans for women.

 How to choose the best IKKS women's jeans

In the IKKS women's denim collection, there's not just one type of jean. Women's jeans are always available in different cuts and sizes: high waist, classic waist or low waist, slim, skinny, mom, regular or flare, in stretch cotton or sculpting denim.

The different cuts of women's jeans

There are three cuts of women's jeans in the IKKS collection. The mid high jean is the most classic straight jean cut. The straight cut doesn't hug the legs and ankles. The waist is classic at the hip. The high cut offers a high waistline around the belly. High jeans are stretch or flared. Skinny jeans are sculpting denim, close to the legs and thighs while maintaining a normal waist. Finally, regular-waist jeans are low-rise. Low-rise slim jeans are entirely body-hugging. They sculpt the thighs and fit snugly around the waist and ankles. This is the most modern and chic cut.

Jeans for all feminine morphologies

For curves well enhanced in your women's jeans, choose the cut and size that suits you. It's not by paying the price for jeans that you'll immediately get pants that fit. When buying jeans, whatever the price, take your measurements and leg length to define your body type. If you're a slim woman, slim jeans and skinny jeans are perfect. These two cuts of women's jeans are sculpting and enhance a slim body. Opt for black jeans to combine elegance and rock chic. With more classic jeans like regular, you'll have great freedom of movement. High-waisted regular or mom jeans offer a modern folk look. If none of these shapes suits you, straight or flare jeans are your best bet. These jeans are equally suited to short and tall women. Straight jeans elongate your silhouette. Opt for a stretch denim material with shape memory with power stretch and its polyester fibers that return to their original shape after each movement.

The colors and materials of jeans available

In every woman's wardrobe, there are several pairs of jeans. They're the must-have garment. Jeans are durable and comfortable. Different technologies and colors are used to meet women's needs. In addition to denim sizes and cuts, there are specific technologies in the denim material. Denim is often stretchy, like our power stretch jeans in innovative polyester fiber with shape memory. With each movement, the fiber returns to its original shape. Thanks to power stretch, you enjoy true freedom of movement all day long, whatever your activity. On slim and skinny jeans, IKKS offers scult up technology, which enhances women's silhouettes by sublimating the volume of the buttocks. Women's jeans are available in a variety of colors. There are always the classic colors: stone blue and raw denim. There are also more original, modern colors such as white, light blue and, above all, black. With the stay black dyeing technique, IKKS offers jeans whose color does not bleed in the wash. The black of the jeans remains deep and long-lasting over time.

Have IKKS rock style with women's jeans

Jeans are part of pants, yet they're not worn like any other women's pants. With all their colors and sizes, jeans can be combined with a wide range of women's clothing and accessories. Whether you're more casual in jeans/sneakers mode or rock spirit all in leather, discover how to match your IKKS women's jeans with your entire wardrobe.

Women's jeans, a chic and rock asset for your look

The IKKS woman is resolutely rock and modern. She's an active woman who wants style in comfortable, chic clothes in which she can make a statement. Black skinny jeans are ideal for enhancing a woman's figure. Gray washed jeans, with a hint of destroy, accentuate your rebellious side. If you don't want to go all out in your rock spirit, opt for regular or straight stone blue jeans with women's ankle boots. Wearing a simple white T-shirt and studded belt, you'll rock the look from head to toe.

Denim, an everyday essential

Denim is the ideal garment for a more casual look. Choose regular or relaxed jeans for total freedom of movement. With a printed sweater or a white shirt, you can sport a casual look with IKKS signature chic details like patches or embroidery. Gone are the days of tailoring pants to work, jeans are now a chic garment that can be worn everywhere, on every occasion.

Accessories around your IKKS women's jeans

When buying jeans, don't forget all the accessories around these must-have pants. Jeans are often associated with a belt. Lucky for you, the IKKS women's belt collection is extensive. Women's belts follow your style between a classic black leather belt or a wide fabric belt to tie at the front. If you're wearing skinny or slim jeans, choose a slim belt for added elegance. For added comfort, a belt that's not too thick will do just fine. What shoes to wear with your jeans? Just about any type of shoe can be worn with jeans: from pumps to ballerinas, sneakers to espadrilles. It's up to you to find the pairing that suits your style.