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Jacket, blazer


The jacket is a must-have for every woman's wardrobe. There's no doubt about it, whatever your style or figure. IKKS offers you jackets in a variety of cuts but that assert your modern, rock and chic look.

The IKKS jacket, for a woman with a trendy look

The women's jacket a must-have piece in your dressing room. It's a must-have for every look. From cinched-waist jackets to black leather blousons, you're sure to find a jacket to suit your modern, chic silhouette.

IKKS jackets for a rock touch

The women's blazer jacket from the IKKS collection knows perfectly how to mix elegance and comfort. With the black fitted suit jacket, adopt a chic, feminine look every day. By adding refined details like jewelry or skulls, IKKS women's jackets add character to your outfit. The iconic black leather jacket brings you closer to biker style, but with a modern twist. Black is the color that gives you the total rock look. But you don't have to wear head-to-toe black to be rockin'. Instead, use your black IKKS jacket to assert your style by pairing it with more basic pieces like jeans or sneakers.

A jacket for many styles

The jacket is not only useful but underlines your style. Here are the different jackets available from IKKS:
The tailored jacket or blazer is perfect for all styles. Originally, the tailored jacket was worn with tailored pants and a woman's shirt. It's the preppy style par excellence. If you wear a blazer over a t-shirt and with straight women's pants, you've got a much more casual look. A strict-looking piece can be completely transformed and give you a sporty-chic touch instantly.
The knit jacket is the most comfortable piece in your wardrobe. It's ideal for summer evenings. Don't neglect the pattern, and adopt a navy or floral print to bring color into your casual daily routine. Women's knit jackets are available in a wide range of cuts and sizes. Check out our new arrivals every season.
The jacket is your companion for most of the year. Often available in leather and zipped, they are also available in fabric. The jacket can be short or long, depending on your style. It brings an urban style to your outfit. The leather jacket is an iconic part of a woman's wardrobe. With just a black leather jacket, you immediately adopt a style that adds character to your look.
The denim jacket is a must-have. Short or mid-length, it's perfect for pairing with a denim ensemble: denim pants and a denim shirt. Available colors range from light blue to gray and black.

The Saharan parka, with or without hood, is a spring or autumn coat that adds a touch of adventure to your look. Often slim-fitting, the parka shapes your silhouette with elegance while ensuring constant comfort. Saharan parkas are available in off-white or khaki, with or without hood to protect you from mid-season rain.
The short trench coat is the trendy jacket for women. It's usually found in the women's coat collection in long format, alongside down jackets. But trench coats are also available shorter, for a more casual style. The short trench always closes with a belt, adding originality to your look.
The women's bomber is the essential jacket for a chic casual look. It's neither a knit jacket nor a blouson. The bomber is unique and comes in a zipped version in every color and pattern. Pair it with chino pants and sneakers for a casual yet elegant look.

How to choose the right IKKS women's jacket

Every woman needs her own jacket. And at IKKS, every figure can find the jacket that suits her best. We'll help you choose the right women's jacket for you.

Choosing a jacket according to your silhouette

The first thing to do when you set out to buy a jacket is to take your morphology into account. As with coat collections, women's jackets are cut differently.
A slim-fitting jacket is perfect for women with a pronounced waist.
Straight jackets are for slim women.
Zip-up jackets, with or without hoods, suit all body types.
To shape your silhouette, you can also choose special details on your jacket. Jackets with shawl collars often add a touch of elegance. Jackets are also available with or without sleeves. In this way, the jacket becomes a garment that you wear all day long, not just when you leave the house.

Selecting a jacket for every occasion

You can focus your purchase on several types of jacket, because for every occasion, you'll have a particular jacket to wear. For formal occasions, choose the black tailored jacket. You'll be sure to look elegant all night long. Why not dare to add a few rhinestones to the collar for an extra touch of daring? For Sunday outings with the family, opt for a hooded safari jacket. It slips easily over your daytime clothes for a long walk in the sun or rain. For your daily routine on the subway or in the office, the knit jacket combines chic and comfort. Wear it all day long and gain confidence with controlled style.

How to match your women's jacket with the rest of your wardrobe?

Jackets can't be worn alone. But it must be paired with your entire wardrobe. What clothes are you going to wear it with?

A casual jacket for a casual loo

If you're going for a casual look, choose a denim jean jacket. This women's jacket, also found in men's dressing rooms, is designed for casual yet still stylish looks. The denim jacket pairs well with comfortable shoes like sneakers.

A jacket in a variety of colors for a preppy chic look

If you want to assert your preppy chic style, opt for a jacket in peppy colors. Leopard patterns, marinière, floral back prints, lace or embroidery are all details that add character to your look. Pair these striking jackets with sober outfits: a white T-shirt and light-colored chino pants. In this way, your jacket becomes the garment that asserts your silhouette.