Nos cuirs chez IKKS
Our leather at IKKS
Leather is a noble, natural and durable product that takes on a patina over time. Your bag reflects
your life and goes wherever you go. Leather is a signature material at IKKS and part of our identity
since the brand was founded. Rooted in a more responsible and ethical approach, IKKS has
undertaken to use leather from LWG*-certified tanneries in making its collections. Most of our
leather goods are in chrome-free** leather.
Nos cuirs chez IKKS
* LWG (Leather Working Group) is an organisation made up of over 1,000 members across the leather value chain.

Its work consists of developing audit certification standards to assess the environmental performance of leather
manufacturing facilities and promoting responsible business practices throughout the leather supply chain.

All IKKS leather comes from LWG-certified tanneries.
Caviar /
The grainy texture of Caviar leather boosts the nature of calfskin leather and sets off the black colour. Unlike lambskin leather which is buttery soft, Caviar calfskin leather is more resistant by nature. This leather comes from a upcycling circuit, with leftover material from the luxury fashion world. IKKS has therefore bought and fashioned this leather in an exclusive way in a limited quantity. Made in Italy
Caviar noir
Le cuir caviar
Le cuir caviar
mΓ©talisΓ© gold
Metallic or
foiled leather /
is new to the world of leather. The technique consists of applying a varnish or film coloured silver, gold or copper to the leather. Grained calfskin leather gives an authentic aspect and the quilting gives the metallic application texture.
 mΓ©talisΓ© bronze
mΓ©talisΓ© silver
To maintain the quality of your leather goods /
use suitable products (cream or gel) to moisturise them, and revive their brightness and the original colour. However please note that suede calfskin leather needs a different type of waterproofing, preferably done by a professional.
Protect your items /
by keeping them out of direct light and by keeping them in the dust bag provided when they were purchased.
Your leather bag’s natural patina /
is normal and adds a personal touch, reflecting all you’ve done together.