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IKKS women's dresses are ideal for every occasion. Every woman needs a dress that combines comfort, lightness and elegance. Find the dress that suits you best with our advice on choosing the right cut and style. Treat yourself to a bohemian, rock chic or romantic look with our IKKS women's dresses. Long, short, colored or black, plain or printed, which dress from the IKKS collection will become your favorite outfit?

 Choosing the right dress to enhance your figure

Every woman has a dress in her dressing room. But did you know that dresses come in many different cuts? Which one suits you best? Let's dive into the IKKS women's dress collection to discover this year's trendy dresses.

 What cut to choose for your dress?

When you set out to buy a dress for a particular occasion, you're looking for the dress that will enhance your figure. Whether it's for a wedding ceremony, a night out at the disco or a family dinner, the dress is the garment that sublimates you. Dresses come in a variety of cuts to suit different women's morphologies.
Straight-cut dresses suit every figure. Flared dresses smooth out shapes and provide optimum comfort. They are often fluid or flounced. They can also be worn close to the body, marking out your waist. The straight dress can be worn all year round, but is often popular in summer. Choose one with a floral print.
Waisted dresses are ideal for women with a marked waistline who want to show it off to best advantage. Dresses can be belted at the waist or hips for an assertive retro style.

Accessories for women's dresses

A women's dress is rarely worn alone. Wear it in combination with several accessories to assert your look. You can browse the entire collection of IKKS accessories for women. Pair your dress with a felt hat, a leather satchel bag or a lace belt to tighten your flowing dress. In winter, if your short-sleeved dress is too light, wear it with a close-fitting cashmere sweater. And don't hesitate to mix colors. If you opt for a black dress, wear a women's jacket printed with flowers. If, on the other hand, your dress is already colorful or patterned, pair it with solid-colored shoes and a more classic black cardigan.

What are the different types of dresses?

For IKKS women, dresses make a statement in romantic, bohemian and chic trends. Here are all the dresses in our collections:
The evening dress is a must-have for all women. It's often the little black dress in your dressing room, accentuated by discreet studs and jewels to set you apart from other evening dresses.
The strapless dress for women is elegant and daring. Wear it in any color, in cotton or leather, with stiletto heels for evening wear, or with sneakers for added comfort.

The skater dress combines elegance and comfort. Thanks to its ruffles below the waist, it marks out your silhouette and suits all body types. It's perfect for summer wear, with a small women's shoulder bag and a straw hat. The skater dress stands out with an original collar or a large neckline in the back.
The straight, flowing dress, with short or long sleeves, offers the most original patterns for women. Florals are all the rage this season, but you can also find bold patterns like zebra or leopard. The perfect way to assert your rock look all year round. Mark your waist with a belt if you're wearing a flowing dress. You've got a whole new style.
Long dresses are ideal for tall, lanky women. It refines their silhouette with a dress that follows their curves. The long dress for women is ideal in summer, for strolling through the alleys of an old town while protecting yourself from the sun with women's tinted glasses.
The short dress for women is available in all colors. It elegantly reveals a woman's legs. It's also perfect with a floral or polka-dot print. In winter, wear it with thigh-high boots or leather boots to keep out the cold and stay in style.
The black dress is perfect in combination with a jacket, bag or women's necklaces. It's a simple garment that can become the centerpiece of your look. A must-have for every woman's wardrobe.

Which dress to select according to the season?

Each season has its preferred type of dress. Even if some adapt to the seasons, it's best to turn to dresses for women adapted to temperatures. When shopping, take a close look at the materials used to design the dress: cotton, wool, jersey, denim.

A dress in winter

Many women hesitate to wear a dress in winter. Yet with good thick tights, boots and a warm dress, you can totally combine style and comfort. In winter, opt for long-sleeved dresses. You can layer up and wear a sweater or sweatshirt over your printed dress. There are also straight, long-sleeved sweater dresses that can be tightened with a belt. Alternatively, opt for a long-sleeved cotton or wool dress to keep you warm all day long.

A dress in summer

The choice of summer dresses is enormous. In summer, treat yourself to dresses in denim, jersey or voile. Every year, fashion brings its share of novelties: short-sleeved or sleeveless, red, pink or printed, plunging neckline or high collar, you can choose the most elegant or comfortable dress for the long, hot days of summer. Choose discreet accessories to enhance your dress: sautoir necklaces, sunglasses and sandals.