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Women's leather bag

The leather bag is an indispensable leather goods accessory for every woman. With this resistant material and unique feel, every woman wants a leather handbag, shoulder bag, shopping bag or besace for everyday essentials or a wild evening out. IKKS reinvents the traditional black leather bag with exceptional materials such as lambskin and cowhide. The rock spirit is assured by vintage details and trendy colors (black, beige, pink, camel, brown, white, etc.). Buy a women's leather bag to wear without moderation!

The women's leather bag.

Don't miss out on the brand's must-have product: the women's leather bag! With its original format and recognizable style, the IKKS leather bag is a must-have for every woman.

The iconic IKKS women's accessory.

IKKS has made itself indispensable in women's wardrobes thanks to quality products. Women's bags are available in lambskin leather from responsible tanneries. Other bags are designed in downy cowhide leather for a unique feel.
The IKKS spirit is reflected in the details of the bags, such as the chevron, jewel studs and metalwork. The brand's rock style hovers over this timeless collection. Buy something new from one of the special women's bag collections (111, 1440, The Artist, The Waiter, etc.)!

The must-have bag for women.

You won't be able to do without your IKKS leather handbag! From the women's leather goods collection, the bags are designed to be practical and pleasant to wear every day.
You'll never lose your keys again, thanks to the many interior pockets. Place your small accessories in a pocket inside your leather bag.
While the outside of the bag is made of hard-wearing leather, the textile interior is just as pleasant for storing your personal belongings. Leather bags are available with a flap, zip or turnstile closure to keep your belongings safe all day long.
The leather bags in the IKKS collection are designed for women to wear without constraint. Depending on their mood, they can carry the leather bag by hand, on the shoulder or as a crossbody with a shoulder strap.

Leather bags from the IKKS women's collection

With their different sizes and colors, IKKS women's leather bags are timeless and singular leather goods accessories. Buy the IKKS leather bag that's right for you!

The leather handbag.

This bag is a must-have in women's leather goods collections. The handbag is generally small in size to be carried directly by the handle. It is available in flap or zip format in lambskin or cowhide leather in black, white, beige, camel, red, pink, etc.

The leather shoulder bag

If you're looking for a practical, express crossbody bag made from hard-wearing material, look no further than the IKKS shoulder bag. These leather bags are available in different sizes. Generally speaking, they are handbags, tote bags, messenger bags or clutches that simply feature a removable, high-quality shoulder strap fastened with rings. The shoulder strap is made of leather or fabric in the same color as the black, white or brown bag.

The leather tote bag

This leather bag format is of varying sizes. Its purpose is to hold numerous everyday items in style. The tote bag features a double handle for short hand or shoulder carry. Protectors are placed underneath the bag to prevent the leather from being damaged when you put it on the floor.

The leather besace bag

The besace bag is perfect for all styles. Whether you have a rebellious spirit or a serious nature, the black besace bag accompanies you every day thanks to its size adapted to all occasions.

Leather clutch bag

If you're looking for a small-sized bag, the clutch bag is the ideal leather goods accessory! With its many details inlaid on the material, the leather pochette bag is perfect for an express shopping trip or a girls' night out at a bar.

The leather fanny pack

For urban style, the fanny pack is in the brand's rock spirit. Put your must-have accessories in it and head out on the town with an ultra-trendy black fanny pack.

How to choose your IKKS leather bag for women

Fall for the latest novelty available in the IKKS collection for women! You'll find the style that best matches your favorite women's leather bag.

A leather bag for every occasion.

Make every minute of your day shine with an IKKS leather bag! With its detachable shoulder strap, you'll go from handbag to tote bag in express mode for a shopping trip or a girls' night out.

A leather bag for every style of dress.

The IKKS leather bag is timeless thanks to its varied sizes and colors. Buy a black leather shoulder bag for a rock spirit look in all black. Dare to go for a mixed-material bag with quilted leather and raffia for a bohemian chic look. If you're looking for a bag for an elegant silhouette, find what you're looking for with a leather handbag in beige, brown, cognac or pink to match your camel boots.

IKKS quality for your women's leather bag.

Whether you fall for a novelty or a timeless product from our collection, rest assured of the quality of your IKKS leather bag. Your leather bag will age perfectly to offer an ultra-trendy vintage patina effect, whatever the color (red, black, brown, white, cognac, etc.).