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Large Bags

Large bags

You need a large-capacity bag. You also want a stylish tote bag that adds a fashionable touch to your outfit. Discover our large bags, tote bags and shoulder bags. You'll find the model of your dreams among our selection of modern women's bags. A large format for shopping, an elegant material, an original color and your days will never be the same.

The IKKS women's large bag

Our collection of women's bags comes in a variety of products. This time, we present the large-capacity women's bag. With its larger size, pockets and shoulder strap, the IKKS cabas bag is the ally of the contemporary woman. Much more than a simple tote, the large bag is transformed here into a luxury product in an indispensable format for your hectic days. Discover the different models available online and in store in the women's bag category.

Large-capacity besace bag

The besace or shoulder bag is a large-format bag. It's also known as a tote bag, because a woman needs to be able to fit all her day's necessities in it. A shoulder bag must have a strap for carrying it over the shoulder. The strap is adjustable to vary the length according to each woman's size. The IKKS besace bag is an iconic piece among all women's accessories. It is a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. Made of soft material, the IKKS besace bag for women remains timeless. In black, the large shoulder bag is ultra-fashionable. Chained, this bag offers a rock chic style that suits all women who want character in their outfit. A few details make it an exceptional bag, such as tassels for a neo-folk style. The quality of the large shoulder bag lies in its material: leather. IKKS has opted for cowhide leather, which will stand up to the rigors of your busy work and leisure days. The interior is lined with cotton for incomparable softness. The black leather bag is a must-have for every woman.

The Artist leather handbag or shoulder bag

Just as essential with a touch of originality, the women's large handbag offers many possibilities. The Artist range of leather bags is available as a shoulder bag or a shoulder strap. This large handbag is available in camel brown or black. Its cowhide leather makes it an ultra-fashionable and resistant bag. Over time, the black or brown leather will develop a patina, giving it a unique style. A simple, traditional design, The Artist tote bag is gradually transformed into a unique product. This large bag for women is the best investment for your dressing room. Count on the sturdiness of the leather exterior. Inside, you'll find ample capacity with pockets of varying depths, including a zipped pocket to keep your belongings safe.

How to use the IKKS women's large bag?

The cabas or besace bag is an iconic bag in the IKKS women's collection. Our designers come up with a unique model with details that make all the difference. You'll be able to leave the house in style with a large, chic bag on your arm, thanks to its leather material and multiple pockets.

An everyday women's accessory

During your long days of metro work sleep, you need a reliable bag. The IKKS cabas bag is made for you. Wear it as a shoulder bag with your long coat in winter, or directly over your woman's blouse. Its chain and leather strap is ultra-resistant and won't weigh the bag down. You'll be able to safely store all your daily essentials: make-up, wallet, laptop, change of clothes. This large-format bag holds your life. You can take it with you to drop off the kids in the morning, to the office, to lunch and to the gym in the evening. This large-capacity bag is a must-have for women with long days who want to stay in style. The IKKS women's large bag is an elegant all-rounder.

An elegant bag for your special outings

For ceremonies, club nights or solemn moments, the IKKS large bag is an ideal accessory. With its black or brown leather, it goes with all the elegant outfits available from IKKS. For those special outings, the besace bag becomes the finishing touch to your look. Completely timeless, you'll pull it out for every special occasion to impress your guests.

How to match the IKKS large bag?

Black quilted leather bag, large capacity bag with white shoulder strap, crocodile effect on a besace bag, zipped inside pocket, the entire IKKS women's handbag collection has a wide variety of products. The large bag is an essential accessory for any woman's outfit. A large bag is the finishing touch to an elegant, rock or casual style.

A bag with a 100% rock spirit

We designed the IKKS large bag as a tote bag with a resolutely rock style. Beneath its classic, traditional airs, the black leather besace bag is an iconic piece by the brand. Its patina over time will reinforce the rebellious spirit within you. Worn by hand or slung over the shoulder, the black leather bag is the rock accessory of your outfit. With subtle details such as a chain and leather shoulder strap or folk-style tassels, the women's large bag takes pride of place in any rock wardrobe.

The large bag, an easy-to-wear accessory

Our designers work for women's comfort. The cabas and besace bags are designed for comfort. No matter how many products you carry, you won't suffer back pain or feel the weight of the bag on your shoulders.