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Knitwear, Sweatshirts


Ever more creative, the IKKS Women collection of sweaters, cardigans, cardigans and sweaters for women offers a multitude of looks that combine comfort and elegance. The IKKS woman adapts her style to her desires and appointments, for fashionable silhouettes.

How to choose the right women's sweater?

Sweaters are a must-have garment for three seasons: winter, autumn and spring. So it's important for you to choose the right women's sweater for your annual collection. Women's sweaters come in a multitude of styles. We'll help you find the right sweater for your needs, style and body type.

The women's sweater, a wardrobe essential from winter to spring

From fancy sweaters to basic black pullovers, from round-neck, V-neck and turtleneck sweaters to cardigans, you're bound to find your favorite garments for every season.

The patterned sweater

Sweaters can be basic, solid-colored, black or white. It's true that having simple clothes in your dressing room is always essential. But when you're in the mood for a bit of whimsy, a printed sweater can immediately make all the difference. Whether it's a leopard print for a wild touch, or a geometric pattern for an elegant look, a printed women's sweater always has its place in your clothing collection. Some sweaters have messages or fancy buttons and studs that can give a rock look. Pair a patterned sweater with a solid-colored skirt or pants. The contrast will be all the more striking, and the colors of the sweater will stand out even more.

The stand-up collar or turtleneck sweater

In winter, you need warmth, and there's nothing better than a stand-up or turtleneck sweater. Roll-neck sweaters come in two forms:
The stand-up collar sweater, which fits close to the body. This is a sweater that looks great tucked under pants or a skirt. The close-fitting turtleneck sweater can also be worn under a thicker sweater. They are often plain, in black, white or ecru.
The oversized turtleneck sweater is a very comfortable knitted sweater. It's ideal for cocooning evenings and long winter days. Your décolleté is well protected from the cold, and you can bundle up in this oversized sweater.

The cardigan and waistcoat

The cardigan is a must-have among women's clothing. It comes in a range of sizes and colors to adapt to the seasons or the other clothes you're wearing :
The cardigan is a cotton jacket with buttons on the front. The cardigan is generally made of cotton, with a fine knit and long sleeves. Wear it under a long-sleeved T-shirt in winter, or a short-sleeved T-shirt in spring. It's a wardrobe staple when worn in black or ecru. It can be more elegant when you choose cashmere. An original vest can have a floral motif embroidered on the shoulders or sleeves.
A long cardigan is perfect for wearing over a dress in winter. The long cardigan lets you wear your half-season clothes in the middle of the cold season. And if you're looking for a cocooning effect, opt for the oversized, chunky-knit long cardigan.

The V-neck or round sweater

Women's sweaters feature different necklines depending on the collection. These include: V-neck sweaters, Round-neck sweaters, Rancer-neck sweaters with more open necklines, Shoulder-opening bardot-neck sweaters, Sweaters with back necklines

Not all these shapes have the same effect, and not all of them suit all silhouettes. If you have a small bust, the back neckline sweater will enhance your morphology. V-neck and round-neck sweaters are more suitable for all body types.

The sweater

For your sporting activities or cocooning days at home, choose the hoodie. This is the sweater that puts comfort above all else. Casual chic is in. Wear it with jeans and white sneakers. A trendy, urban look. Sweatshirts are no longer an item of clothing to be neglected, but a must-have in every collection.

High-quality materials for IKKS sweaters

IKKS relies on high-quality materials for its women's sweater collection. Sweaters are generally made of cotton, but today there are more precious knits that provide even better protection against the winter cold.


The knitted sweater is the most fashionable. It's usually ecru and openwork. Its oversized side is perfect for casual style. Wear it casually with boots and a mid-length skirt.  It's easy to move around in thanks to its wide sleeves, and slips on quickly. Thick and comfortable, it's your ally against the winter chill. Knitwear is available in black, pink, gold or silver. Choose the color that suits you best. Other knits are available in cotton, silk blends or acrylic. Be sure to observe the percentages for quality knitwear at an affordable price.


Wool is the most popular material in winter. It's a soft, warm fabric for sweaters. Generally derived from sheep's hair, wool provides great thermoregulatory strength. You'll have a sweater that breathes but keeps you warm all day long. Wool sweaters come in all sizes and colors. Just be careful not to over-wash your women's wool sweater, as it's a delicate fabric.


Cashmere, meanwhile, is a high-quality fabric increasingly found at affordable prices in women's sweater collections. These fibers are derived from the hair of cashmere goats. They are delicate, but offer incomparable warmth and softness. Cashmere also has the advantage of being a fine, close-fitting fabric. It can be washed cold to maintain its original shape.