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Coats, Parkas, Jackets


There’s everything to like about the new IKKS collection of kids’ jackets and parkas, whether it’s summer or winter! IKKS focuses on skilfully designed stylish details to counteract the colder weather. The kids’ parka combines comfort, warmth and style, for everyday wear. With lighter options for summer, the girls’ jacket mixes denim and embroidery, with a tailored collar and cotton fleece knit. There’s also the biker style with faux fur. In winter, it transforms into a warm coat, with a more padded lining.

Girls’ bomber jackets, the new wardrobe staple. With their loose cut and sporty-chic look, girls’ bomber jackets are becoming a must-have for a girl’s wardrobe. This new jacket cut works well over a girls’ dress, to instantly switch up the look that's going. IKKS also has a range of reversible jackets for double the chance  they'll go with any kids' clothes.

Girls’ parkas, from khaki to 2-in-1. The girls’ khaki parka is a real IKKS classic with patches, embroidery and lace giving it a new feel each season. A safari jacket that makes any jeans and T-shirt look amazing, and gives a navy blue dress a more casual look. In winter, the girls’ parka has a faux fur lining and removable hood, and even has a removable padded jacket, making it the ideal 2-in-1 jacket. It's these details that make the IKKS parka a coat that both kids and adults love.