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Blouses, Shirts


The IKKS shirt is a unique piece in your wardrobe. Short-sleeved or long-sleeved, plain or printed, women's shirts go with all your outfits. The classic blouse or the lace blouse are the pieces of choice for your days with the family or at the office. And there's nothing better than a printed cotton shirt for evenings out! Find your rock chic spirit in our collection of IKKS women's shirts and blouses.

Women's shirts, an essential in your IKKS wardrobe

The shirt is a garment that many women have adopted in their dressing room. Fashion has responded to women's desires with a variety of materials. Cotton for shirts is ultra-soft and has a flattering fall. Synthetics, linen and silk complete the women's shirt collection. Shirt collars can be worn open or closed. The cut of women's shirts is tailored to your waist. Shirts are available with long or short sleeves and a wide range of patterns: stripes, lace, embroidery, etc. The blouse is a more fluid variant of the shirt, enhancing the silhouette. Colors and patterns abound in IKKS women's shirt collections.

A shirt for every style

Whether you wear it in the evening or for your day's work, the women's blouse accompanies you in all circumstances. Shirts have become wardrobe essentials for women. For a shopping trip, wear a shirt over high-waisted denim jeans. Choose a classic white shirt or a denim blouse for a total denim look. Roll up the sleeves of your long-sleeved shirt in spring for a more casual look. Dare to wear floral colors and patterns in summer with flowing blouses. Go for a casual look that's still chic for all occasions. For your days at the office, a classic white blouse and straight or chino pants are the perfect way to stay elegant. And if you want to give your outfit a rock edge, mix your shirt with a women's leather jacket and black jeans. If you want to shine in the evening, keep some metallic-patterned voile shirts in your dressing room.

A piece that goes with all outfits

The women's shirt, whether plain or printed, floral or checked, denim or cotton, goes perfectly with all other women's clothing. We advise you to always have a few shirts available in your dressing room. That way, you'll always have an outfit ready for any occasion. Fluid shirts go well with skirts and stretch pants. Slim-fitted shirts are easy to slip on under flared or flowing pants. The neckline of your white blouse will be enhanced by a black sautoir necklace with rock details. And for everyday wear, comfortable cotton shirts in a variety of patterns and materials are just the thing. Use lace to add texture to your garments. Stripes are perfect for a seaside summer casual look.

The different IKKS women's shirts

As you can see, the collection of women's shirts is huge. Now that you know which style suits you best with a women's shirt, let's take a look at the different blouse and blouse styles found in the IKKS Women collection.

The plain shirt

Color is the first thing that will catch your eye when buying a shirt or blouse. Black and white are basic but don't offer the same result. White is subtle and chic, while black is resolutely rock. It's up to you to choose the color that suits you best. Dare to use bright colors: red, pink, blue, without overdoing it. Don't forget that three colors are enough for your entire outfit.

The colorful printed blouse

Choose a colorful printed blouse for your outfit. It's a different piece from the classic blouse. There's no collar on the blouse, and the cut is much more flattering. The colors and patterns are highly diversified for your pleasure. Stripes and checks as well as floral prints on a woman's blouse sublimate your outfit. Choose refined details like bell sleeves, lace or precious motifs. A blouse for women makes you feel light and free. You can go about your business all day without restraint.

The lace or embroidered blouse

Women's blouses look elegant with lace or embroidery. These refined details highlight your outfit as well as your style. Dare to go preppy chic with a cotton blouse and white lace. With a straw hat in spring, you'll have the total bohemian look.

A collar to show off your cleavage

The IKKS shirt collar is meant to be elegant and bold. Embroidered or vintage, it invites lace for a subtle, feminine wear. The collar adorned with pearls and rhinestones is like a jewel, while the neckline in the back lends a romantic edge.

Trendy materials for women's shirts

Gone are the low-quality cotton shirts that wrinkle at the slightest movement. Women's shirts are now resolutely modern with comfortable, practical materials. Denim blouses are the big trend of the moment. Denim comes in many colors: gray, blue, black and more.  Cotton is soft and warm and easy to care for, which is why it remains the most common material. But viscose, polyester and linen also have their place for shirts with a slim fit or completely flowing.