Summer of love - Spring / Summer 2021

For Spring-Summer 2021, IKKS dresses a woman in love,
ready to stand up for what’s right, Boho and just as rock
Ready for our Summer of Love?

Love in a blazer

Start the season with our iconic lambskin leather
jacket, to switch to the new one with a soft
rock vibe. You won't want to be without
it and we understand.

Blue Idyl

Feeling blue: not today! IKKS Spring/Summer shows off a good weather blue. Flowing or ruffled shapes meet chic, casual or tailored outfits, in a colour palette of blues and washed out denim.

Kasbah Rock In

Close your eyes, visualise a scene of warm sand and a magnetic look than can mix a Majorelle print with a zebra motif...
You’re there.

Rock Romance

Want to experience the sensations of intense summer love,
or enjoy them again? Dive into our 50 shades of pink,

fused with black, ivory leather and metallic touches.
The IKKS wardrobe becomes more feminine than ever.
Printed dress - IKKS Women

Free Jungle

Want to get away from it all? We do too. IKKS makes its desire to be ever more in harmony with nature with recycled and
eco-friendly materials. Military pieces are softened and show committed slogans.
Join us?
New Co. Spring / Summer 2021

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