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Le label URBAN LAB : le vestiaire idéal de l’homme moderne.

New materials and new technologies
invite themselves into the IKKS MEN
wardrobe with the URBAN LAB W20 capsule.

Always sharper.

This season, innovation and a modern edge plunge IKKS MEN into super-high performance and sophistication designed for busy but stylish men. 

Super-high performance materials.

Breathable fabric, water-resistant or waterproof materials, dampness wicking, fast drying, super supple, crease-resistant wool… so many aspects designed to make life easier every day.

The little extra that makes the difference.

Sustainable, because the URBAN LAB selection has been extended with eco-designed pieces (like the light padded jackets in bamboo fibre padding), which increase the eco-friendly undertaking the IKKS group has started. . It’s possible to be responsible and stylish

The worlds of business & lifestyle come together
with sophistication to create
a young & cosmopolitan look.






You can bank on the must-have URBAN LAB suit with its impeccable fit for unfailing elegance!

This suit is made with wool blend fabric with natural stretch that’s crease-resistant, and allows total freedom of movement.

Men’s mouse grey check suit jacket

€ 345,00 € 150,00

Men’s mouse grey check suit waistcoat

€ 125,00 -50% € 62,50

Men's plum Urban Lab suit jacket

€ 325,00 € 150,00

Men’s mouse grey check suit trousers

€ 165,00 € 70,00

Men’s mink checked suit trousers

€ 165,00 € 70,00

An innovative blend of fibres and a treatment making your clothes easy to look after

...make URBAN LAB shirts an must for your city looks.

Men's burgundy striped SLIM shirt

€ 115,00 -30% € 80,50

Men’s black REGULAR shirt with hidden buttons

€ 125,00

Men’s dark blue cube print SLIM shirt

€ 135,00 -20% € 108,00
Parka homme IKKS - Waterproof

Your garment benefits from the Waterproof treatment, an innovative technology for keeping water out.

The fabric’s impermeable properties protect you from damp conditions in any circumstance.


Some pieces use the high-quality DuPont ™ Sorona® fibre. Dupont™ Sorona® wadding is made using renewably sourced materials focused on sustainability. This fibre is warm, lightweight and breathable. It provides high comfort, and feels flexible and soft.

Men’s navy padded interior Urban Lab parka

€ 395,00 -40% € 237,00

Men’s navy Urban Lab mixed-fabric jacket

€ 285,00 -50% € 142,50

Men’s navy WATERPROOF nylon safari jacket

€ 345,00 -50% € 172,50

Men's straw zipped pockets padded jacket

€ 355,00 -30% € 248,50

Men’s navy with black DuPont™ Sorona® quilting Parka

€ 425,00 -40% € 255,00

Men’s beige with black DuPont™ Sorona® quilting Parka

€ 425,00 -30% € 297,50


Fabric covered in a waterproof, breathable membrane. The fabric stops water from getting through, but allows for evaporation.

Men’s mink check Urban Lab padded jacket

€ 355,00 -20% € 284,00

Men’s dark khaki Urban Lab long Parka

€ 455,00 -40% € 273,00

IKKS has created HYPERFLEX DENIM, an authentic denim with surprising comfort.

It allows exceptional freedom of movement and holds its shape perfectly. It’s a denim that can deal with the demands of everyday wear and will keep its look and original shape longer. The denim has been made with patented HYPERFLEX technology.

Men's black jeans

€ 135,00

Men's SLIM-fit raw denim jeans

€ 135,00

Men's SLIM-fit navy jeans

€ 135,00

The URBAN LAB world offers you a bridge between textiles and technologies.

The fabric is covered in a waterproof, breathable membrane.Water simply slides off the fabric, so the IKKS man can stay dry all day.

Men’s dark blue wool WATER REPELLENT sweater

€ 175,00 -40% € 105,00

Men’s dark blue twill suit trousers

€ 165,00

Men’s slate grey reflective bomber-style jacket

€ 265,00 -50% € 132,50

New tech wadding is used in this model.

It’s super light and designed to be breathable and warm with exceptional drying properties.

Men's black mixed-fabric light padded jacket

€ 185,00 -50% € 92,50

An extremely wind-resistant material was used in designing the Windbreaker technology.

This supple material protects you from the wind so you feel completely comfortable.

Men’s navy nylon sports jacket with red cords

€ 195,00 -60% € 78,00

Thanks to exceptional characteristics and high-performance wadding, your URBAN LAB pieces dry quickly

...and your looks are ready for any situation.

Men’s navy Paris Tokyo circuits T-shirt

€ 65,00 -50% € 32,50

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