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Leather Jackets

Women's leather jacket and blouson

A true fashion icon, the leather jacket has become a must-have in women's wardrobes. With its supple material and open collar, the leather jacket is a must-have for every style. Women's jackets are worn everywhere, all year round. It's comfortable and goes just as well with a classic outfit as with more original women's clothing.

The women's leather jacket, a wardrobe essential

The women's leather jacket can be found in every wardrobe. It suits all body shapes and styles. Leather jackets can be worn over a woman's spring dress or a resolutely rock outfit. Originally a leather biker jacket, it has become a timeless part of our IKKS women's collection. Discover the different women's leather jackets in our women's clothing range.

The black leather jacket for women

The most essential jacket in your wardrobe is inevitably the black leather jacket. For men and women alike, the black leather jacket has become a classic coat. Imported from the biker look, the leather jacket now offers a resolutely rock style. IKKS relies on lambskin leather to bring you quality jackets. The deep black color of women's jackets works equally well in contrast with multicolored garments like a pink dress or a brown sweater. For a rock look, choose black jeans, black women's boots and all the biker-code accessories. To differentiate yourself from the classic coat, IKKS offers jackets with original details in its collection of leather jackets. Go for the crumpled black leather perfecto or the lambskin jacket with jeweled collar. Dare to stand out with an original black leather jacket.

Vary colors and materials with your women's leather jacket

When we talk about leather jackets, we always think of the traditional short black lambskin jacket. Yet new collections like to vary the sizes, colors and materials of the classic women's leather jacket. Every year, our range of IKKS women's leather jackets comes in colors ranging from white, brown, red or pink, depending on the collection and fashion of the moment. Women's leather jackets don't have to be short perfecto jackets with front zippers. The leather jacket also adopts the folk look, with a beige textured goatskin jacket cinched at the waist with a belt. Dare to wear an oversized, longer leather jacket for an ultra-fashionable look. Our collection adapts to fashion and offers jackets for modern women.

How to choose the right IKKS women's leather jacket?

A wide range of leather jackets is available in the IKKS women's clothing collection. Here are our tips on which leather jacket is right for you.

Which leather jacket size should you choose?

Among coats, the leather jacket is one of the models most worn by women. It is therefore essential to offer garments adapted to the desires and needs of each of them. The short, perfecto-style leather jacket is ideal for the mid-season. It goes just as well with a little black dress as with a casual ensemble of jeans and sneakers. The leather jacket can be made longer and fastened with a belt in Saharan style for a bohemian look, or in biker style for a rock spirit.

Which women's jacket for which silhouette?

Lamb or goat leather jackets have the advantage of suiting all morphologies. That's why it can be found in both casual and rock chic styles. The short jacket is well suited to the petite woman, while the long jacket will elongate the silhouette.

A type of leather jacket for every feminine look

Which type of jacket goes best with your style? If your outfit is rather classic with a rock spirit, settle for a black lambskin leather jacket with a few fancy touches on the collar like silver jewelry. For a sporty look, you can opt for a zipped leather jacket with a detachable hood. This jacket will go perfectly with jeans and women's sneakers. If you're more into the modern neo-folk style, opt for the textured brown goatskin leather jacket. This safari jacket will go perfectly with a woman's long skirt and boots.

High-quality women's leather jackets

IKKS relies on resistant materials to offer you quality women's clothing. The jackets are made of genuine leather, 100% lamb or goat leather. Let's take a look at the characteristics of these two materials on women's jackets.

Lamb leather

Lamb leather is the preferred material for IKKS leather jackets. It's a supple material that's easy to care for. Lamb leather jackets are easy to combine for an absolute rock look. Twist the materials with women's gray jeans, a skirt or a simple white T-shirt.

Velvet-touch goatskin leather

Goatskin leather has the particularity of being slightly textured for a peach-skin feel. A women's jacket in goatskin leather immediately confers a wild effect. Goat's leather is supple and pleasing on fashionable models. Its velvety feel and appearance make it a trendy addition to any woman's clothing collection. So it's a no-brainer to find goat leather in the IKKS range of women's jackets and blousons.