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The IKKS Women belt, a must-have fashion accessory. If you were wondering, you don't have to! Without a doubt a belt is the on-trend accessory that adds that little finishing touch to your outfit; and it’s not just for trousers and shorts, but dresses and skirts too. A classic black leather belt is simple but gives your trousers a never-go-out of fashion look, or your jeans and even your favourite shorts. The IKKS Women’s belt collection has an impressive selection of materials, widths and styles – there’s sure to be one you can't resist: reversible belt in velvet or suedette, rock belt with a buckle or chain or a flowery belt, there’s one for every occasion!

Women’s belts for whatever mood you’re in. Want to look super trendy at the office? Try a leopard-print, silver or slim colourful belt and wear it with a black or dark dress. To elegantly highlight the waist, we love the wide aged leather belt worn with a women's dress for a more feminine look. You can be sure of the effect it’ll have! Wear a braided, openwork or printed fabric belt with denim shorts for a more casual look. Choose a belt with bold metal buckles for a full-on rock look or a more minimalist style depending how you feel. IKKS women’s belts can all be adjusted to suit all figures. Never underestimate the power an IKKS Women’s belt can have: IKKS women’s leather belts are both decorative and practical, and perfect for accessorising the outfits you choose to wear.

The collection of women’s belts and accessories available can be found in the IKKS Women online store!