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Padded Jackets


The light padded jacket, a must-have in your wardrobe. Say bye bye to the big cumbersome padded jackets of the past and choose the quality of an IKKS man’s padded jacket! The IKKS man’s padded jacket is fine, amazingly warm and comfortable and suits all your styles. Choose a short padded jacket for around town or running and a longer one with a hood for your outdoor activities, whether in town or the countryside. IKKS padded jackets are waterproof and designed with fabrics that resist the wind and rain.

The IKKS Men man’s padded jacket is a must-have in a man’s wardrobe, spring or winter. Light hooded padded jackets are timeless and practical and can also be slipped on under a man’s coat, jacket, baseball jacket or blazer on cold winter days. A man’s padded jacket can be worn over a checked shirt mid-season or when summer nights are cool.

Use your padded jacket to switch styles. An IKKS man’s padded jacket adds an original touch whether hooded, with synthetic padding or filled with down, and is a good finishing touch to a look in case the weather is changeable. Always trendy, with or without a collar, they come in several colours: black, navy blue, burgundy and khaki... plus thanks to the lining quality of a man’s padded jacket, it’s fine and light, while guaranteeing maximum warmth!

The selection of IKKS padded jackets with a collar is irresistible and available now in the IKKS Men online store!