my baby rockk

Welcome to the IKKS e-concept store
special birth gift
for code-breaking babies!
A long list of pregnancies and a good idea of why…
Everything points to lockdown being prolific in terms of babies!
Our intuition tells us that this new generation is going to shove codes sideways
and for that it deserves a unique world, and we’re ready to welcome them there.
This brand-new gift place puts the accent on new products and provides full immersion in the rock baby world.
A unique collection designed for code-breaking babies, combined with childcare accessories with a rock vibe;
a multitude of advantages that non-conventional parents and their little humans will find irresistible,
You know we love breaking codes at IKKS. And nothing changes with My Baby Rockk. Free yourself of the stress of birth gifts with our 100% rock selection, going against diktats.
Your babies may be cute cabbage page kids, but we bet they’ve got characters all of their own. Want to show off their personality? Choose a personalised bodysuit.
The birth gift boxes IKKS mixes its My Baby Rockk with DNA gifts that are just as rock, to bring you quirky birth gift boxes.
Our selection of emerging and on-trend brands, to spoil your babies a little bit more. Mix your My Baby Rockk favourites with creative gifts in just one click.
Serial baby shopper, we’ve got you! But we get you, how can you resist the inimitable My Baby Rockk looks? Fun all-overs, on-point looks borrowed from adults and playtime pieces; IKKS teams up with non-conventional families.
Rock attitude or supercharged IKKS look, post your baby’s photo, and join the My Baby Rockk tribe!

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