The 1440 is switching to summer time!

1440 sable
a sneak peek at
the 1440 line
for  Spring / Summer  2021
We promised, your daily BFF, its iconic chevrons,
double way of carrying it and
connected aspect are set to last. For Spring-Summer 2021, IKKS
is bringing its It Bag out as the months go by; like
a countdown to newfound freedom.
1440 sable
March Collection
Official launch on 8 March
With sand beneath your feet: the March collection
reveals a sand-coloured suede that gives up
an advance taste of summer.
1440 sable
chevron sable
April collection
Official launch on 30 March
Dual at the top, the April collection orchestrates
a limited edition battle between a blazing white and
iconic black, with a getaway as a background.
1440 black or white 1440 black or white 1440 black or white
black or white black or white
chevron gris
May collection
Official launch on 13 May
The May collection celebrates life with a trio of
mouth-watering colours: Watermelon, Mint and Pineapple;
redesigned in a bubble leather, our new label.
The iconic black 1440
collection is now timeless, and still available
in a selection of stores and on
chevron gris clair
Stay tuned!
Each minute counts!
Keep up with the beat to see all that’s new for the 1440 in
Spring-Summer 2021.
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