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Women's shorts are a trendy, versatile garment that can be worn in all seasons and in all colors. Whether for a casual, chic or rock look, women's shorts adapt to your size and style. IKKS understands this and offers a wide collection of women's shorts that combine comfort, quality and originality, bringing a little novelty to your wardrobe.

A diverse range of women's shorts

Shop for your future favorite shorts in a variety of colors and sizes.

Women's shorts in a wide variety of colors

IKKS women's shorts come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and materials to give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air. Whether you're looking for black, white, pink, khaki, beige or purple shorts, you're bound to find what you're looking for among the many trendy colors available. Choose from plain, printed, dark blue, raw or stone shorts.

A short in the right size.

IKKS women's shorts are also designed to fit your waist and silhouette. Different lengths of shorts, from Bermuda shorts to cycling shorts, straight shorts or skirt shorts are available. Choose shorts with or without waist belts, with or without pockets and with or without cuffs to change the cut and shape of your shorts. Whatever your morphology, you'll find the shorts that make you look your best and offer optimum comfort.

Shorts made from quality materials.

Quality is a priority at IKKS. Women's shorts are made from premium materials such as cotton, denim, linen and leather. These materials not only guarantee exceptional comfort, they also add a touch of luxury to each pair of shorts. Raw denim brings a feeling of durability and sturdiness, while linen shorts are lightweight and perfect for sunny days. Each material offers an extra sparkle to colors such as black, white, pink, khaki, beige, ecru or dark purple.

The different shorts available in the IKKS women's collection.

The IKKS women's collection offers shorts in all colors, in your size and adapted to all your desires. Among the different shorts available, we can distinguish three main categories: straight shorts, denim shorts and tailored shorts with a belt.

Straight shorts, a timeless classic

Straight shorts are a timeless classic, easy to wear every day. They have the advantage of being sober and elegant, yet comfortable and practical. IKKS women's straight shorts come in a range of colors and materials, such as black in lambskin, raw blue in denim, white in linen or khaki in cotton. IKKS women's straight shorts can be worn with a shirt, t-shirt or sweater in a variety of colors, depending on the season and occasion, such as black, pink, stone blue or ecru.

Women's denim shorts

Women's denim shorts are a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. They add a casual, modern touch to your outfit. They are characterized by their denim material, which can be more or less stretchy, more or less faded, more or less worn. IKKS women's denim shorts come in a range of cuts and colors. IKKS women's denim shorts can be worn with a top, jacket or sweatshirt, depending on your style.

Women's tailored shorts.

Women's belted tailored shorts are a bold and refined choice, bringing a touch of sophistication and originality to your look. They feature a slim fit and pronounced waistband, which emphasize your waist and hips. IKKS women's tailored shorts come in a range of colors and materials, including black, pink in flowing cotton or ecru in printed cotton. IKKS women's tailored shorts can be worn with a blouse, blazer or cardigan, depending on the degree of formality desired.

Shorts for every woman's style.

IKKS women's shorts are a chameleon garment, adaptable to every outfit style and color. Whether you're into rock, bohemia or glamour, buy shorts that match your personality and lifestyle.

A pair of shorts for strolling around town.

If you love strolling around town, IKKS women's shorts are the ideal garment to combine comfort and elegance. Choose denim jean shorts for a casual, on-trend look. Pair with a printed T-shirt, leather jacket and sneakers for a rebellious rock style. Choose tailored shorts for a chic look. Combine with a white shirt, black blazer and pumps for a feminine city look.

A pair of shorts for the beach.

In summer, it's time to ditch the pants and buy a pair of Bermuda shorts. If you love going to the beach, IKKS women's shorts are the ideal garment for enjoying the sun and sea. Try something new with linen shorts, which feel light and fresh. Pair with a swimsuit, straw hat and sandals in a variety of colors for a natural bohemian look. Printed cotton shorts add a touch of color and whimsy. Combine with a plain tank top, canvas bag and sunglasses for a summery look.

Shorts for a chill afternoon.

If you like to spend a chill afternoon, IKKS women's shorts are the perfect garment to relax and unwind. Fleece shorts give you a soft, comfortable feel. Pair them with a hoodie, a pair of socks and sneakers for a sporty, cosy look. Skort shorts give you freedom of movement and femininity. Combine them with an oversized sweater, a wool scarf and booties in the color of your choice, for a cocooning, glamorous look.