Electro Rock in Paris

00:00 - 23:59

Turn up the volume !

I go from day to night feeling absolutely ecstatic.
With a look that’s as sophisticated as it is supercharged. Welcome to my music world…
Paris Paris

Wake up the Mick Jagger in you!

8:12am: Grab coffee, and keys. Sharply dressed in a Lightning suit in an oh so chic masculine feminine look or biker-style with a black and white neck tie blouse.
How do you find me this morning?
Irresistible, admit it.
Rock & Sexy Rock & Sexy

Red lightening effect.

4:18pm I’m off. I want my life to be lipstick red, intense and in leather!
I wear a light cotton cashmere sweater with a rock lightning bolt on the back, and tucked into a leather skirt with a studded belt. Following?

Electro vibes!

00:03am Just go to the Silencio.
Dress code: asymmetric long dress with all-over lightning bolts.
You’ll pick me out fast, I close my eyes when I dance. See in you a mo.

Red Intense.

Floral red passion, with my combat boots.
The Electro Rock festival can start!

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