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Each woman is unique and can show their own style with a beautiful leather handbag that’s a must for finishing off an outfit. A leather handbag is an ongoing fashion statement and is generally designed to last a life time. A woman’s leather handbag is elegant and can withstand a lot, and is perfect for all outfits and occasions: for after work drinks with colleagues, a chic event or just for every day. 

Add the finishing touch to your looks with the selection of IKKS Women leather handbags to take with you everywhere 
A bucket bag for a retro look, a shoulder bag to keep your hands free, a large yellow bag to take shopping or a small, sparkling purse-style bag like The Worker for a night out! There’s also a selection of removeable calfskin leather straps to change your favourite handbag’s look. Snap up the wallet that matches your leather handbag for a full-leather look! We have pretty models of small leather goods like The Waitress, The Banker or even The Dealer. 

Leather handbags are genuine fashion accessories and must be comfortable to carry and practical so you can find your favourite things easily. Do you usually lose your keys in your big shopping bag? Don't worry, it’s happened to all of us at least once! IKKS tip: put your small things in a small zipped bag and pop it into your leather handbag; you’ll find them much easier. 

The IKKS Women collection of leather bags is timeless and unique, using authentic materials and classic formats to accessorise everyday looks with taste and refinement. A range of leather bags to meet your every need: The Artist Tote bag, The Waiter shoulder bag or The First Aid clutch bag, choose the women's leather bucket bag that suits you. 
Are you looking for an elegant, high quality handbag? Shop the IKKS collection of beautiful leather bags available now in the IKKS online store!