Back and forth to work or taking his bike for a spin, down the pub or at the kitchen table, home with the family or out with the guys – every day the 3.0 man strives to be the very best version of himself.

In every way and everywhere he goes, he needs to feel confident, that he looks good and is free to move, while never letting his style go. For him, fashion is a lifestyle choice and he’s counting on his go-to wardrobe to be ready for anything. Always in a rush and super-busy, he doesn't want to give it too much of his time. The IKKS MEN look needs a subtle blend of must-have pieces and personal touches, so IKKS is reinventing its men's concept through a unique instore customer experience and launching new sections on the website.

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No time but style!

The new IKKS punchline salutes the daily heroes, just like you, the VERY BEST GUYS! IKKS and its new website and new instore customer experience are there to support you and all the #DAILY HEROES!
We’re counting on you to tell others about it!
Take part in our #DAILYHEROES photo competition: the prize is ONE YEAR'S WORTH OF CLOTHES FROM IKKS worth 3,000 euros!

How to enter?

1/ Take a photo of yourself wearing the T-shirt (No Time but Style visible), ideally in black and white.
2/ Strike a pose : Ideally, copy the key attitude from the IKKS Men campaign shown in the photo opposite. If that doesn’t work, find a pose that expresses the idea of “you're short of time but you have style!” 
3/ Post your photo on a public setting with the #DAILYHEROES hashtag on all your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram) before 29 October (the competition ends on the 28th).
4/ In the comments of your post, tag any Daily Heroes who are also short of time but want to have style.



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