IKKS Men’s Fashion IKKS Men’s Fashion

Dark flower

The Dark Flower collection wavers between romantic poetry and punk-rock, mixing styles and genres, and playing on the contrast between black and white. This season our Free Spirits are dreaming of a world in which they claim how brazen they are, show how they’re different and claim their thirst for freedom. Norms are not for them!
Dark is the new light

Dark is the new light

IKKS rock DNA runs in the veins of the Men’s wardrobe! Skulls and graphic XL flowers are printed on outfits that flirt with super-sensitive sensuality and mysterious beauty.
The collection has a feisty character and injects a smouldering touch into spring with biker-style leather jackets and T-shirts featuring rock images with a floral twist. Back to black!
Dark like him Dark like him

Dark like them

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