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After spending a few years in ready-to-wear and decoration, wanting to set up my own brand was still there. I always loved fashion, accessories and design, drawing and sewing more than anything…

I developed these various passions with my mother, somebody who is truly creative, always showing me what my hands were capable of.

That’s how Tendre Cactus was born, through creating and discovering!

The day I created the first little brooches, I didn't think that one day Tendre Cactus would become a pretty brand in almost 25 French and foreign stores.

Tendre Cactus is the story of a Cat, my cat Simone, who always followed me in whatever I was doing. With her always being somewhere nearby, I wanted to make a little silver glittery brooch that looked like her. A pretty little sleeping cat’s head came about. Pinned to my outfits, it was a great success, in the street, with my family or friends, so several little cat’s heads joined it! And that was it, a little collection was born and the desire to create my own brand too. The brand had to have a name and I wanted it to be bubbly, cheeky and gentle. Tenderness was obvious, and the cactus, which can be prickly sometimes, is also round and refreshing.

In time, I wanted to expand the brand’s range so I naturally gravitated towards the world of childhood, creating several models of super personalisable rattles, dummy ties, and then when I had my baby, Lucien, I realised that I could expand the offer even more with personalisable music boxes, new dummy ties in cotton gauze, personalisable and practical mini cloth squares! And I can't wait to bring out new products that are even more practical and soft.

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The Tendre Cactus philosophy is more than anything to add a little bit of cheekiness and lightness to the outfit chosen in the morning. To bring your family and friends, whether they are new parents or not, a pretty gift that’s always super personalisable for their Baby or your Baby.

Being a down-to earth brand, I like being close to customers, and chatting with them as often as possible. I love popping little notes into the packet for them to write to the lucky one it’s for, getting photos of the little brooches being worn, or the rattles in babies’ chubby little hands!

Philosophy that’s always bubbly and cheeky!

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It’s a brand that I want to be constantly developing, mixing what I want with what my customers, baby and those around me want.

Tendre Cactus is also a pretty brand that I hold dearly because it’s a brand that only sells 100% handmade creations Made in France.

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Tendre Cactus

TENDRE CACTUS handmade glittery golden heart brooch

€ 10,00

TENDRE CACTUS hand-made glittery silver heart brooch

€ 10,00

TENDRE CACTUS Good Night musical box

€ 44,00

TENDRE CACTUS pink wooden rattle and soft colours

€ 20,00

TENDRE CACTUS grey wooden rattle and soft colours

€ 20,00

TENDRE CACTUS wooden rattle in soft colours

€ 20,00

TENDRE CACTUS grey dummy holder

€ 22,00

TENDRE CACTUS Terracotta dummy holder

€ 22,00

TENDRE CACTUS Mummy Rock bracelet with coloured cord

€ 12,00

TENDRE CACTUS natural wooden rattle

€ 18,00


€ 3,00

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