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Laboratoire biarritz

An organic-certified skincare line
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The story of the Laboratoires de Biarritz has always had a close connection to the ocean… Muriel and Jean-Marc Dubois love surfing and nature, and founded Les Laboratoires de Biarritz. By creating natural origin cosmetics based on red algae from the Basque country, they have laid the foundations of a wonderful success.

A new captain at the helm…
Today, to accompany their growth, Les Laboratoires de Biarritz are welcoming Bruno Collet to steer them, entrepreneur and…sailor! As such, the adventure continues, in particular with the willingness to establish its development internationally, continue investing in research, all while keeping respect of humans and their environment on the horizon.

the Laboratoires de Biarritz


Laboratoires de Biarritz, scientific and ethical skincare.

Les Laboratoires de Biarritz formulate skincare that’s certified organic, combining efficacy, tolerance and respect of the environment to preserve the future of your skin.

trait trait

les Laboratoires de Biarritz’s special feature

The Organic certification is the guarantee of skincare that’s healthy for you and the environment.

The patented active ingredients are marine origin, the algae are a unique source of exceptional molecules.

Research and development at Les Laboratoires de Biarritz is responsible for the discovery of several exclusive patent-protected active ingredients with much of its focus concentrated on a specific species of Red Algae on the Basque coast, Gelidium sesquipedale.

It is fully Made in France, the guarantee of high quality in the formulas and packaging. Choosing short circuits allows the carbon footprint to be reduced and have full control of the brand’s supply chain.

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Laboratoire Biarritz

LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ 200 ml organic Gentle Liniment

€ 6,90

LABORATOIRE BIARRITZ ALGA NATIS organic moisturising cream

€ 8,90

LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ 200 ml organic cleansing water

€ 6,90

LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ 200 ml organic Rich cleansing gel

€ 6,90

LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ 50 ml SPF50+ organic sunscreen

€ 18,50

LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ 500 ml organic Gentle Liniment

€ 9,90

LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ 500 ml organic cleansing water

€ 9,90

LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ 500 ml organic Rich cleansing gel

€ 9,90

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