Collab Manga

Dragon Ball, Naruto and Sonic
are moving into the wardrobe of cheeky kids!
La collection

To make manga fans happy, IKKS has designed a brand-new collection of 5 T-shirts with the image of their heroes.
Dragon Ball For Girls, the glow-in-the-dark pink T-shirt with a Bulma print will make an impact. As for the Boys, they’ll go on adventures with the model featuring the famous Son Goku.
Naruto The emblematic hero is seen on two Boys’ T-shirts. Sporting a water-based image of Naruto, one has black and red reversible sequins and the other has an iridescent panel.
Sonic The iconic blue hedgehog with the superpower of running at the speed of light gets comfy in glow-in-the-dark on a blue T-shirt. Collector.