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Clap for Your Self

10 am
Some self-care...
It’s time to treat yourself,
take a break for yourself!
12 pm
A well-deserved lunch break...
Mademoiselle cycles around town to find the best spot to have lunch.
3 pm
Time to meet up in the Boho folk-vibe old quarters.
Get together, go for a wander and unearth the book of your dreams!

Girls !

5 pm
Sit on the steps of the opera house to watch an energetic performance...
The chance to be able to chill out at last after a long day.
6 pm
A City break... to get together with some girlfriends.
Anyone got a better idea?
8 pm
Hurry to the opening of a contemporary art exhibition.
Time to put on your pleated outfit and head-to-toe denim look
I.Code Autumn Winter 2021 Collection I.Code Autumn Winter 2021 Collection
10 pm
Enjoy the last moments of the day...
It’s so good to get together again!

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