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T-Shirts & Blouses


The T-shirt is essential in baby’s wardrobe. Dressing your baby is easy and fuss-free. IKKS brings out new styles each season to reflect the latest trends.

In summer, vibrant colours are back: pink, yellow and red. Mix them with more understated colours for a stylish look. In this baby collection, fun motifs that stimulate the senses take pride of place. Animals, and particularly birds such as flamingos and parrots, start appearing. We love putting a T-shirt together with a pair of trousers or shorts, with a cardigan to complete the look, so baby can be comfortable while being on-trend.

In winter, little girls are dressed up warm in long-sleeved T-shirts with different colours and prints. Pop a sweater or cardigan over a T-shirt when it's cold outside, with a pair of trousers.

Add fashion accessories to IKKS baby outfits for the perfect finishing touch: leather booties, hats and headbands.