Article 1: ORGANISER

IKKS RETAIL, a French simplified joint stock company (société par action simplifiée) with capital of €36,037,000, having its registered office at 8/10 rue Barbette, Paris 75003, France, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 479 960 965, in the person of the Chairman's Representative, domiciled for these purposes at said registered office, is organising a free competition with obligation to purchase, entitled “STAR WARS COMPETITION” from 21 November to 12 December 2022 inclusive.


The competition is governed by French law and entry is free, with purchasing a product from the Star Wars collection required, in the IKKS Junior, IKKS Women Junior, IKKS General Store, XandO Junior and MMXJ participating stores in France, Monaco, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom and on ikks.com, for any natural person of full legal age, with the exception of IKKS RETAIL employees, employees of companies participating in the competition and employees of companies involved in designing or organising the competition.

Only one entry is permitted per person and per household (same last name, same address).


Those who would like to be included in the prize draw simply need to go a participating IKKS Junior, IKKS Women Junior, IKKS Général Store, XandO Junior and MMXJ store, or ikks.com, from 21 November to 12 December 2022 at 23:59 French time,
  1. and purchase an item in the STAR WARS Collection from among the following references: XV10412-01; XV15122-02; XV30302-02; XV10393-24; XV10403-02; XV15153-24; XV17133-28
  2. Accept the conditions unreservedly by consulting them in store or online (https://www.ikks.com/en/reglement-starwars.html)
Any competition entry that is incomplete (including incomplete mandatory fields on the form) or confirmed after the deadline shall be considered null and void.
In participating in the competition, participants hereby agree to fully adhere to these rules with no restriction or reservation.

Participants hereby consent to checks on their identity and address by the Organising Company. The latter may request proof of identity and address/residence in case of doubt over the validity of a registration on the site. These checks shall be conducted in strict compliance with Article 9 of the French Civil Code. Any falsified, fraudulent, false, misleading, incorrect or inaccurate identity or address details shall be grounds for immediate elimination of the participant by operation of law.
Persons attempting to join the Competition by means such as automatic participation machines, programmes developed for automated participation, use of information, email, customer numbers other than those corresponding to their identity and address, and, generally, by any means that do not uphold the principle of equal opportunities between participants, shall be automatically eliminated.

The use of robots or any other similar method to find the winning slots mechanically or otherwise shall be prohibited, and any infringement of this rule shall be grounds for the outright and irrevocable elimination of its developer and/or user.
A participant’s proven intention to cheat or attempt to cheat, particularly by creating false identities to be used for multiple registrations, may be sanctioned by a formal and irrevocable ban from participating in the Competition.
The Organising Company may cancel all or part of the competition should it be found that there was fraud in any form whatsoever, particularly in a computerised manner during participation in the competition or determination of the winners. In this case, it reserves the right not to award the prizes to the fraudsters and/or to prosecute the perpetrators of such fraud before the competent courts.

In particular, those who attempt to modify the proposed competition systems by any means whatsoever, especially in order to change the results, will be disqualified. Generally, participants shall refrain from using or seeking to use any unfair participation method or any fraudulent behaviour that does not comply with these rules and that may be detrimental to the proper and normal operation of the competition.


A draw will be held on Tuesday 13 December 2022 from all participants who have entered correctly.
The draw will be conducted by representatives of the Organising Company at its administrative headquarters and will determine the prize winner, as defined below.
The 22 winners will be informed personally, within 10 days maximum from the draw, initially by email by the organisers of the competition, then by telephone from the store where the purchase was made, to the email and number given on the entry form.
You are reminded that a participant is identified by the contact details provided on the entry form.
In the event of a dispute, only the entry form will serve as proof.
The entries drawn will be awarded with the following prizes:

*Prize 1 (1 winner)
  • 1 Galactic weekend in Paris for two adults and two children, worth approximately €1500 incl. tax, which includes:
    • Return travel costs from the winner’s home to Paris (transport in Paris is not included during the weekend);
    • 1 night in a 4-star hotel including: breakfast; a Star Wars™ Gift Box containing 2 Star Wars™ DVDs, 2 Star Wars™ child’s costumes and sweet snacks (popcorn, sweets and drinks). The room will have a video projector to watch the films, (lunches and dinners are not included);
    • 4 admissions (two adult admissions and two child admissions) to a theme park in Ile-de-France.
Prize pack delivered to the winner in the form of a coupon.
Gift set valid for one year from the date of dispatch to the winner.

*Prizes 2 to 4 (3 winners)
  • 1 Inquisitor Transport Scythe, LEGO, worth €99.99 incl. taxes
*Prizes 5 to 6 (2 winners)
  • 1 The Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter, LEGO, worth €64.99 incl. taxes
*Prize 7 (1 winner)
  • 1 Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter, LEGO, worth €34.99 incl. taxes
*Prizes 8 to 22 (15 winners)
  • 1 Manga: “Star Wars: Leia, Princess of Alderaan” Vol. 1, worth €7.90 incl. tax

The abovementioned value is the recommended retail price including tax at the date of drafting the competition rules and is provided as an indication that is subject to slight variations.

Awarding of the prizes may not be contested nor may the prizes be replaced by their cash value or be exchanged or replaced in any other way.
The organiser reserves the right to replace the prize with a prize of an equivalent or higher value if, without this list being exhaustive, there is a stock shortage of the prizes initially planned, or if there is any other unforeseeable, unavoidable event beyond their control making it impossible to send out the prizes within a reasonable time frame.
Under no circumstances will the winners be able to request financial compensation.
It is expressly specified that the IKKS RETAIL company will not be obliged to send the prize to a winning member:
  • who violated one of the provisions of these rules;
  • whose win notification cannot be validly sent by IKKS RETAIL (incorrect email address and/or telephone number, etc.) ;
  • whose address for delivery of the prize is incorrect;
  • who does not come to the place where the prizes are awarded, indicated by the organising company's logistics provider, within the deadlines stated below (for example: notification of attempted delivery).
In all cases where IKKS RETAIL is compelled to cancel the prizes, no compensation will be awarded to the winner.


For participants who have made their purchase in store: once the prize is available in the store where the purchase was made the store, and following the confirmation telephone call the store makes, the winner will have 30 days to go to the store to collect it.
In the event where it is a customer who has made their purchase on the ikks.com website, the prize will be delivered in the store of their choice that they will have indicated in their email replying to the confirmation email sent by the organisers.

The prize may not be reimbursed or exchanged in any manner whatsoever. It may not be collected, assigned, transferred or contributed, even partially, to a third party in any manner whatsoever.


It is hereby noted that the mere act of participating in this competition shall imply unreserved acceptance of these rules.

6.1 Terminating or changing the competition
IKKS RETAIL shall not be held liable if, for any reason whatsoever, this competition is shortened, changed or cancelled. Indeed, IKKS RETAIL reserves the right to extend, shorten, change or cancel this competition should circumstances so require, without participants being entitled to claim any individual information or damages.

6.2 Disqualification of a participant
IKKS RETAIL reserves the right to disqualify any participant who has deliberately cheated.

6.3 Prize delivery challenges
Under no circumstances whatsoever shall IKKS RETAIL be liable for any error in delivering a prize or for any other incident that may occur.


7.1 Access to personal information
Your personal data shall be processed by IKKS RETAIL, a simplified joint stock company with share capital of €36,037,000, 8/10, located at rue Barbette – 75003 Paris (R.C.S Paris 479 960 965), a IKKS GROUP subsidiary, subject to your consent and/or based on its lawful interests in terms of commercial prospecting in its capacity as data controller. Data is processed for use in customer management, commercial prospecting, informing customers about products and promotional offers, conducting satisfaction surveys and statistical analyses, and marketing profiling. Your data shall be sent to the companies of the same group as IKKS RETAIL, to its commercial partners and subcontractors, particularly IT service providers.

Your personal information shall be kept for a period not exceeding five years from the end of the commercial relationship with IKKS RETAIL (last purchase, contact or demonstration on your part), subject to you exercising your right to delete it or the retention period for certain data being longer than authorised or imposed pursuant to a legal or regulatory obligation.

Under the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, as amended, and European Regulation No. 2016/679/EU of 27 April 2016, you have the right to access, rectify, object to, transfer and delete your data or to restrict such processing. You may also withdraw your consent to your data being processed, at any time.

Subject to submitting a valid identity document, you may exercise your rights by emailing serviceclient@ikks.com, or by post to IKKS – Service Communication, 94 rue Choletaise, Saint-Macaire-en-Mauges 49450 Sèvremoine, France.
Our personal data policy is available on the IKKS Group website (ikks.com).
For any further information or complaint, contact the French Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés – further information is available on www.cnil.fr). There is a cold calling opposition list known as “Bloctel”, on which you can register (https://www.bloctel.gouv.fr/).

7.2 Access to the rules
These rules are available in store, at the Organising Company’s registered office, and on the following website: https://www.ikks.com/en/reglement-starwars.html

They will be sent free of charge at the current second-class post rate to any individual requesting them by post to IKKS RETAIL Service Client – 94 rue Choletaise – Saint Macaire en Mauges – 49450 SEVREMOINE, or email to the following address serviceclient@ikks.com.
The related postage costs for such requests shall be reimbursed at the current postal mail rate on written request for transfer, submitted with a RIB (bank details). Each household shall be entitled to only one reimbursement (same name, same address).
No telephone enquiry regarding the rules and/or winners will be answered.