Ethnic Inspirations

The crêpe dress Black Ethnic Dress by IKKS
The crêpe dress Elegant and almost imperial, the black dress is adorned with an embroidered front inspired by distant lands. An undeniable fashion asset for a sophisticated ethnic look. Embroidered Black Dress - IKKS Summer 2017 SHOP NOW
The jacquard coat Women's Summer Coat by IKKS
The jacquard coat Boasting an exotic motif, the jacquard coat with fringed detailing will boost even the most basic looks. Slightly loose with an intense ethnic vibe, it is our everyday inspiration. IKKS Jacquard Coat for Women SHOP NOW
The summer blouse Beaded Blouse - IKKS Summer Fashion
The summer blouse An airy, folk-inspired blouse to wear with shorts or jeans and underneath a jacket. The hand-sewn beads on the neck make it a unique and precious item. Ethnic Blouse - IKKS Women's Wear SHOP NOW
The beaded dress
IKKS Summer Wear: Beaded Dress
The beaded dress The collar of a light khaki dress is adorned with multicoloured beads for a tribal jewellery feel. Exotic and refined, it can be worn whenever you please for understatedly cross-cultural looks.
IKKS Ethnic Style Summer Dress
The ethnic chic trend is taking over summer wardrobes. Colourful weaving and folk details inspire looks and offer an invitation to travel... An opportune fashion exodus not to be missed this summer.