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Viper Club

Viper Club is a gossip-inspiring theme in reference to Californian nights out. Leopard print, the symbol of ultra-femininity, mingles with reinvented camouflage with touches of petrol blue. Combining rock and army styles, viper green symbolises a bold wardrobe.
Desert Dust

Desert Dust

The folk theme is Désert, festival and free spirit-oriented and has been given a military rock vibe spin. The colour range revolves around beige, camel and a greyish black, set off with touches of rust and aqua that reflect the warm feel of the collection.
IKKS Women's Bags | Marmont Suites | Fashion Accessories

Marmont Suites

The Marmot Suites theme mixes lamé, lurex fabric and stretch cotton for a glamorous, micro-couture vibe. The wardrobe is all about the cut, accentuating the figure with sharp tailoring and enveloping fabrics.

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