Article 1: ORGANISER

IKKS RETAIL, a French simplified joint stock company (société par action simplifiée) with a capital of €36,037,000, having its registered office at 8/10 rue Barbette, Paris 75003, France, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 479 960 965, in the person of the Chairman's Representative, domiciled for these purposes at the said registered office, is organising a free competition with an obligation to purchase, entitled “WONDER WOMAN & BATMAN”, from 04 to 26 August 2020 inclusive.


The competition is free to enter when you purchase a product from the WONDER WOMAN & BATMAN capsule (XQ10632-77 / XQ10642-01 / XQ10652-24 / XQ30502-45 / XQ30552-24 / XQ97122-77 / XQ95152-45 / XQ10803-02 / XQ10813-54 / XQ10823-19 / XQ15123-24 / XQ17163-28 / XQ90163-0. It is open in the IKKS Junior, IKKS Women Junior, IKKS General Store, XandO Junior and MMXJ stores in France, Monaco, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and on ikks.com to any natural person of full legal age, residing in mainland France, including Corsica, with the exception of IKKS RETAIL personnel, personnel from companies participating in the competition and personnel from companies that have been involved in organising or creating the competition.

Only one entry is permitted per person and per household (same name, same address).


To take part in the prize draw, you simply need to go to the participating IKKS Junior, IKKS Women Junior, IKKS General Store, XandO Junior and MMXJ stores or to www.ikks.com, from 04 to 26 August 2020 at 23.59.
  1. make a purchase from among the following references from the STAR WARS Collection: XQ10632-77 / XQ10642-01 / XQ10652-24 / XQ30502-45 / XQ30552-24 / XQ97122-77 / XQ95152-45 / XQ10803-02 / XQ10813-54 / XQ10823-19 / XQ15123-24 / XQ17163-28 / XQ90163-02
  2. complete the entry form, giving the information requested
  3. answer the question asked correctly
  4. deposit the form in the urn.
Any entry confirmed outside the closing date will be considered invalid.
Entry to the competition implies full and complete acceptance of these rules, without reservations or restrictions.

Entrants authorise any check by the Organising Company of their identity and their home address. The Organiser may request proof of identity and address if there is a doubt as to the validity of the entry on the site. These checks will be performed in strict compliance with Article 9 of the French Civil Code. Any counterfeit, fraudulent, false, misleading, incorrect or inaccurate identity or address information will result in the entrant being immediately and automatically eliminated.

People attempting to take part in the competition by such means as entry robots, programs developed for automated entry or who use information, e-mail addresses or customer numbers other than those corresponding to their identity and address, and generally who use any means that do not comply with equal opportunity between entrants will be automatically eliminated.

The use of robots or any other similar means to find winning slots by mechanical or other means is prohibited and breach of this rule will result in the person or user concerned being definitively eliminated.

Any proven willingness to use fraud or any attempt to cheat by a entrant, in particular by creating false identities enabling entrants to sign up several times, may be punished by a formal and definitive ban on taking part in the competition.

The Organising Company may cancel all or part of the competition if it transpires that fraud was involved, regardless of the form, in particular involving computer systems to enter the competition or to determine the winners. In this event, it reserves the right not to award the prizes to the persons who commit the fraud and/or to take legal proceedings in the appropriate jurisdictions against the authors of such fraud.

In particular any person using any procedure whatsoever who attempts to modify the elements of the competition, and especially to modify the results, will be excluded from the competition. In general, entrants shall refrain from using or seeking to use any unfair entry process or any fraudulent behaviour that does not comply with these rules and that prevents the normal smooth running of the competition.


A prize draw will be made following the closure of entries, on Wednesday 2 September 2020.
The 16 winners will be informed in person, initially by e-mail by the organisers of the competition, then by telephone from the store where the purchase was made, to the number given in the customer loyalty database.
You are reminded that an entrant is identified by the contact details provided on the entry form.
In the event of a dispute, only the entry form in the customer database will serve as proof.

The winning entries from the prize draw at the head office will receive the following prizes:

*Prize 1 to 10: Prize including: (1 prize = 3 products for winner)
  • -1 piggy bank Plastoy Batman o Wonderwoman
  • 1 box Lego Batman (Batmobile TM: La huida del Joker TM)
  • 1 box Batman – La serie animada TV completa – Cofre DVD

*Prize 11 to 20: (1 prize for winner)
  • 1 Blu-Ray Wonderwoman

*Prize 21 to 30: (1 prize for winner)
  • 1 Funko Wonderwoman o Batman

*Prize 31 to 40: (1 prize for winner)
  • 1 mug Heat change Batman

Awarding of the prizes may not be contested nor may the prizes be replaced by their cash value or be exchanged or replaced in any other way.

The organiser reserves the right to replace the prize with a prize of an equivalent or higher value if, without this list being exhaustive, there is a stock shortage of the prizes initially planned, or if there is any other unforeseeable, unavoidable event beyond their control making it impossible to send out the prizes within a reasonable time frame. Under no circumstances will the winners be able to request financial compensation.

En aucun cas, les gagnants ne pourront demander une contrepartie financière. Il est expressément précisé que la société IKKS RETAIL ne sera pas tenue de faire parvenir ses gains à un membre gagnant :

  • who has breached one of the terms of these Rules;
  • whose win notification cannot be validly sent by IKKS RETAIL (incorrect e-mail address and/or telephone number, etc.);
  • whose address for delivery of the prize is incorrect;
  • who does not come to the place where the prizes are awarded, indicated by the organising company's logistics provider, within the deadlines stated below (for example: notification of attempted delivery).

In all cases in which IKKS RETAIL is required to cancel wins, no compensation will be awarded to the person in question.


For entrants who have made their purchase in store: once the prize is available in the store where the purchase was made, the winner will have 30 days to collect it.

If the customer made the purchase from the e-shop, the prize will be delivered to the store of their choice.

The prize may not be refunded or exchanged in any way. It may not be collected, assigned, transferred or contributed, even partially, to a third party in any manner whatsoever.


The simple fact of entering the competition implies unreserved acceptance of these rules.

6.1 Suspension of or changes to the competition
IKKS RETAIL shall not be held liable if, for any reason whatsoever, the competition has to be shortened, changed or cancelled. IKKS RETAIL reserves the right to extend, shorten, change or cancel this competition if circumstances so require, and entrants shall not have the right to claim personalised notification thereof, nor any compensation.

6.2 Exclusion of an entrant
IKKS RETAIL reserves the right to exclude any entrant who has deliberately cheated.


7.1 Access to personal data
Your personal data will be electronically processed by IKKS RETAIL, a French simplified joint stock company (SAS) with a capital of €36,037,000, having its registered office 8/10, rue Barbette – 75003 Paris, France, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 479 960 965, on the basis of your consent and/or its legitimate interests in terms of sales canvassing as the processing manager. Your data is processed for the purposes of customer management, sales canvassing, informing customers about products and promotional offers, carrying out satisfaction surveys and statistical analysis, marketing profiling. Your data will be sent to companies in the group to which IKKS RETAIL belongs, its commercial partners and sub-contractors, in particular its IT suppliers.
Your personal data will be kept for no more than five years from the end of the commercial relationship with IKKS RETAIL (last purchase, contact or act by you), save for exercise of your right of removal or a longer storage time for certain data, authorised or stipulated by the legal or regulatory obligations.
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés) of 6 January 1978 amended, and European Regulation No. 2016/679/EU of 27 April 2016, you have the right of access, correction, objection, portability and deletion of your data or restriction on its processing. You may also withdraw your consent to data processing at any time.
Subject to submission of a valid identity document, you may exercise your rights by contacting: serviceclient@ikks.com or by mail to IKKS - Service Communication, 94 rue Choletaise, Saint-Macaire-en-Mauges 49450 Sèvremoine France.
Our data protection policy can be consulted on the IKKS Group website (www.ikks.com).
For any further information or to make a complaint, you can contact the Commission Nationale de L’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL – the French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties) www.cnil.fr). You can also register on the “Bloctel” list which blocks telephone canvassing (https://conso.bloctel.fr/).

7.2 Access to the rules
These rules may be consulted at the organising company’s head office and on the following website: http://www.ikks.com/on/demandware.static/-/Library-Sites-SiteGenesisSharedLibrary/default/dwd635b963/pdf/Reglement.jeu.en.pdf

They will be sent free of charge, at the ordinary postal rate, to any person that requests them from IKKS RETAIL Service Client - 94 rue Choletaise - 49450 Saint Macaire en Mauges or by e-mail to serviceclient@ikks.com.
The postage costs of this request will be reimbursed at the ordinary postal rate upon written request together with Bank or Postal account details to perform the transfer. One reimbursement per household (same name and address) will be made.
Any telephone requests concerning these rules and/or the winner will not be answered.