Welcome back, Security is fashion, baby!

Welcome back, Security is fashion, baby! Welcome back, Security is fashion, baby!
We’re Esprit Libres, but we’re going to have to follow certain rules when stores open. As your safety and that of our teams is our priority, here are the measures we have taken to be able to see you.
A wrist workout for 20 to 30 seconds when you arrive in the store
If you need to sneeze or cough, do it into your elbow, it looks more chic!
This is my space, this is your space, i don’t into yours, you don’t come into mine (shout-out to dirty dancing fans ;-))
We say hi from a distance, kissing on cheeks can wait!
A mask is a must, nothing like enhancing your eyes!
All clean! We disinfect our payment terminals each time they’re used
Spritz, spritz, the every day fashion accessory that disinfects surfaces
Ikks drive, our after-lockdown services
But we’re not forgetting!
But we’re not forgetting!
Thank you… #merci #20h
All the health care professionals who are literally saving our lives, care home staff, those working in essential food and goods stores and delivering post and parcels, instructors and teachers who are doing all they can to continue educating our kids, even at a distance.
To all the #dailyheroes who enable us to enjoy our daily lives.
SEE you soon! #staysafe #stayfashion #stayfreespirit SEE you soon! #staysafe #stayfashion #stayfreespirit