Jeans Fit

The Slim Jeans Men's Slim Fit Jeans by IKKS
The Slim Jeans Offers a tailored fit without being too tight. Nipped in around the thighs and ankles, it ensures a slim silhouette and a trendy look. Raw Denim Jeans for Men SHOP NOW
The Skinny Jeans Men's Skinny Jeans - IKKS Summer Wear
The Skinny Jeans Tighter than the slim-fit, but often with spandex, the skinny has a second skin feel. A must-have for outfits that are contemporary but also comfortable, choose the anthracite grey or destroyed jeans version from the IKKS Men’s wardrobe depending on how you feel. Men's Destroyed Jeans by Fashion Brand IKKS SHOP NOW
The Straight Jeans Straight Jeans by IKKS Men
The Straight Jeans The original denim cut, the straight cut is a must-have in the modern man’s wardrobe. Efficient and timeless with its straight cut along the leg, it will appeal to many tastes. IKKS Grey Straight Jeans for Men SHOP NOW
The Slack Trousers Men's Chino Trousers by IKKS
The Slack Trousers Close to a chino cut but with a slightly finer fabric, the slacks go for comfort and a laid-back look. This summer it showcases a range of dynamic colours. IKKS Men's Chinos SHOP NOW
The Tapered Trousers Men's Tapered Jeans - IKKS Summer Trousers
The Tapered Trousers The current trendy cut, tapered trousers go for a skinny cut that is more or less tight throughout the length of the leg and nipped in at the ankles. It provides a modern and edgy attitude regardless of the look while remaining comfortable and laid-back. IKKS Summer Trousers: Men's White Jeans SHOP NOW
The Spring/Summer 2017 collection offers a comprehensive range of trousers and jeans with varied cuts to match everyone’s needs and body shape. The cuts are meticulously worked to ensure the detail and ease of wear while the new fits are cut just so plus volumes for ever-so-chic attitudes. Slim-fit, skinny, straight, slacks or tapered, choose the fit that suits you from the IKKS men’s jeans collection.