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Denim Store


Jeans are a must-have in a man’s wardrobe these days. New styles of jeans come out each season to give men new choices of fit. Jeans can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. Jeans are great for whatever you want to do, whether to relax or to wear for work. 
A pair of jeans: your everyday friend / by definition THE thing to wear every day
Jeans are the best choice for going out with friends, on a date or spending time with your family. It’s all about comfort and style! The IKKS Men collection has different fits of jeans to suit the physique of any man. Slim-fit jeans are the must-have. They’ve been part of a man’s wardrobe for a few years now. Men who like slim-fit jeans also like tapered jeans. They have a stylish and comfortable profile being roomier around the pelvis and wider on the legs. IKKS has these styles in different colours, black, grey, navy blue and the classic denim of course.  
Jeans go with all looks, all trends and all physiques. Wear jeans with a sweater or
T-shirt for a laid-back style. A pair of trainers is THE ultimate thing to finish off the outfit, which also mean men can be comfortable and stylish. 
The totally on-trend look
In addition to being used for jeans, denim is used to make many pieces of clothing: jackets, shirts… just what’s needed to dress head to toe in denim, a very on-trend look this season.