Spring – Summer

Hello Summer, Hello Girl(S)…
We’ve thought up this new season as a real tribute to women. We didn’t want it to appeal to ONE woman, but to ALL women. Come and see what the collection’s phases have in store for you, through the prism of an inspiring woman. Our Mademoiselle I.Codes love dreaming and they’ll show you how…

1. Girl Boss


This girl boss knows where she’s going when she strides through the streets. The rain is not a problem, bad weather is a game for the urban boss. She embodies the City Chic collection perfectly; she’s dynamic and always positive.

2. Girl Can

Women's jacket


This golden mane hides a fiery temper. She shoots through the world around her, on a skate- or surfboard, with one motto; freedom. What’s her everyday life like? As a woman in a man’s world, she shakes up codes and we think it’s great! Who better to wear our City Rock collection? No-one! Let’s Rock GIRLZZZZ…

3. Girl Spirit

women's dress - I.Code denim jacket


Eat, (Pray) Laugh, Love! That’s Dominique’s leitmotif.
Her radiance can be seen all around her. How can you not get caught up in the whirlwind this petite and feisty woman whips up around her. Feminine, light and colourful, the personification of our Boho capsule.



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