Way of life.

Way of life.

#LESESPRITSLIBRES form a community of enthusiasts, guided by their own intuition, making their lives an endless playground. IKKS has made them the ambassadors of its WAY OF LIFE: an attitude and a state of mind imbued with freedom, revealed by an uninhibited style!
Way of life Way of life
Women’s Men’s Children’s Fashion Winter 2019

much more than a signature...

The hashtag #LESESPRITSLIBRES gives limitless expression to anyone taking charge of their lives, with confidence and character.
IKKS Women’s Men’s Children’s Collection IKKS Women’s Men’s Children’s Collection
Unique style Unique style

A daring brand.

Through our three worlds: IKKS Women, IKKS Men and IKKS Junior, we proclaim our mantra far and wide: FREE SPIRITS.
IKKS women’s Fashion


¡Vivir Libre!

Spanish movida, Italian baroque and Mexican eleganza meet the Amazon nomad, Argentinian horsewoman and Latino disco It-girl. This season, the IKKS woman expresses her freedom with a Latin accent.
IKKS men’s Fashion


Latin Winter.

For AW19, the IKKS man is the epitome of Latino masculinity. Italian Baroque influences, Mexican folklore and South American thrills meet to create a stylish, cutting-edge rock nomad wardrobe. ¡Vamos!
IKKS Kids’ Fashion


Dolce vita.

This winter, the IKKS Junior collections are being carried away by Latin vibrations from Europe and South America. Between cavaleros customised with flowers, snow-capped mountain tops, travels in Peruvian Andina lands, slightly showy fantasy chic, and a nod to Ferrari or heart red, exclusive graphics set the tempo for the collection so kids can let their imagination run wild.