Welcome to Vancouver

grandview bowling.

mademoiselle is out bowling on the waxed lane, two-tone shoes on her feet, ready to score a strike. she takes the sportswear look up a notch with a graphic and androgynous edge.

gastown district.

mademoiselle strides through the paved streets of the historical centre. our career girl has got sporty chic codes down perfectly during the day with a reversible baseball jacket and high-waisted shorts. for the evening she bases a more city outfit around printed pieces, studded denim and a studded shirt.

levette lake.

mademoiselle braves the cold on her way to a meeting about the status of woman, placard tucked under her arm. she shows off her style and convictions with her dramatic markings.
Icode women's dress

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granville by night.

by false creek, the music beats, laughter resonates, Mademoiselle makes her way through the crowd with her preppy rock style to reach the pit. far from festival bling, she bases a feminine city look on a leather biker jacket, and 2.0 floral prints.