Je suis une femme et toi c'est quoi ton super pouvoir ?
The I.Code team is celebrating
international Women's Day
yes, it’s a T-shirt,
but more than anything it says something great about women!
A committed message
in support and celebration of women.
All women.
Those who make life sparkle, now and in the future.
Those who dare to achieve their dreams,
without limiting themselves.
Those who don’t take themselves too seriously
and share their wonderful energy,
every day.
The bold
the impertinent.
The most vulnerable too.
Are you a woman?
You're part of the “Girls’ Gang”!
You're part of the team!
A T-shirt that’s
100% French
100% local
100% organic
100% Girl Power
I.Code ‘Je suis une femme. Et toi, c’est quoi ton Super Pouvoir ?’ (I’m a woman, what’s your super power?) T-shirt: €50
A limited edition available in sizes 1, 2 and 3, from 4 March in the I.Code stores in Nantes, Roanne, Valenciennes, Sélestat, Clermont-Ferrand, Annecy, Nancy, la Baule, Bordeaux and Lille, and our eshop
I.Code loves
with all their diversity,
their personalities
their commitments,
in a thousand different ways.