The wardrobe full of prints

Icode women's lookIcode women's look
Women's printed jumpsuit – I.CodeWomen's printed jumpsuit – I.Code
Women's printed jumpsuit – I.Code
Want to get a new load of prints?Want to get a new load of prints?


We love this all over sport one that’s straight out of L.A. This print is graphic and dreamy and has fun keeping us buzzing all summer!
I.Code women’s topI.Code women’s top

‘all the women of your life’

Who never had 15 minutes of craziness? That’s every day in the I.Code team! It’s time to show your many faces in daylight…
Women's printed dress


A touch of Wax fabric, a hint of banana…
Pow! Bananaswax is making its way to the front. All eyes will be on it, as it’s colourful and graphic, just the peppy boost you need for an outfit.
Women's long dress – icode collectionWomen's long dress – icode collection
Women's long dress – icode collection

‘back to the future’

We love this all-over “neon” lettering, a wink at the 90s. We go time travelling with this urban print… Hear that music in the background? Get your rollerskates on, we’re going to a roller disco ;)
Remind the 90'sRemind the 90's
I.Code women’s fashionI.Code women’s fashion
I.Code women’s fashion
I.Code women’s fashion
let’s the Sun shine in

‘golden palms’

It’s early July, 7.15pm, palm leaves are dancing in the breeze at the beginning of the evening. This flamboyant print symbolises our image of the summer: colour, heat and feeling good...

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