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  • 2 days business trip

    Business trip

  • Lov 2 love

    In the mood for love

  • Rock by night

    Out with the guys

  • Front row

    Evening at the theatre



  • Last minute weekend


  • City tour

    Road trip

  • Break in the desert

    Road trip

  • Friends & Casino

    Road trip

  • Friday wear


  • Customer appointment


  • Business meeting


  • Grandstand & clay court

    Out with the guys

  • Blouson pantalon chemise blanche ceinture jean fonce boots Chemise imprimée Chemise imprimée Chemise impirmée Sac
    Urban Lab safari jacket, raw jeans and mixed-fabric broker pouch: the easy smart look for a business trip.
  • parka ceinture chemise veste costume pantalon boots
    Dress to impress! Count on a navy blue suit, matching shirt and leather boots when you need to go all out.
  • veste chèche ceinture teeshirt chaussures portefeuille jean
    Rock star or almost in a dark look. You’re in your hooded leather jacket, slim jeans and bandana. The concert can start.
  • portefeuille chemise ceinture pantalon veste costume mocassins
    Special occasion, special outfit. Urban Lab Prince of Wales check and moccasins, what else?
  • veste teeshirt ceinture pantalon noir jean bleu baskets polo gris polo bleu
    You wouldn't think it but there’s a subtle art to Sporty Smart. An Urban Lab jacket for the tech side, a golf-style semi-plain polo and long-sleeved sailor top for the French touch.
  • jean basket sweat t-shirt Polo veste jean trousse de toilette Sac
    Not planned… not ready, but always up for it! It’s doable in 3 goes: put a selection of turquoise sweatshirts and T-shirts in an IKKS weekend back and throw on a hooded denim jacket. Let's go!
  • veste baskets chemise jean sous pull rouge sous pull bleu trousse jean sac
    A spin under blue sky in an embroidered baseball jacket, jeans and backpack.
  • chemise chemise teeshirt blanc manteau chaussures echarpe jean teeshirt motif
    It’s never been so easy to take a break in style with a khaki safari jacket, denim shirt and green T-shirt.
  • portefeuille chemise chemise blanche veste jean jean fonce trousse chaussures
    Whatever happens in Vegas… depends on the look you wear. Place your bets on a Liberty shirt, suede jacket and raw denim jeans.
  • Veste de costume Sneakers blanches Polo blanc Pantalon de costume Ceinture bleue

    Jacquard suit, polo neck shirt and trainers, because anything goes on Friday!

  • Veste de costume Sneakers blanches Pantalon de costume Ceinture Sac en cuir Sac en cuir Chemise imprimée

    With a touch of green on a smart suit and a microflower shirt, who said fantasy and style are out of synch?

  • Veste de costume pantalon de costume chemise Sac en cuir Boots en cuir Ceinture Cravate

    A job interview equals smart. You’ve got everything under control in a sky blue shirt and leather boots.

  • veste polo pantalon sac chaussures veste
    What’s more suitable for a festival than a leather jacket and grey jeans? Coachella had better watch out!