A Stylish Man

Our advice for choosing your men’s clothing

Check out our style advice in the form of tutorials to help you choose your men’s clothing easily.

For all busy #DAILYHEROS who want to be stylish at all times, the IKKS MEN tutorials quickly answer your questions!
How can you tie a tie or scarf with style?
What fit of trousers, shirt or coat should you choose according to your body shape?
Which accessories or clothes should you choose to give your outfit a twist?
How can you pack your suitcase quickly, or even iron your shirt like a pro?
The answers to all these questions can be found in our style tutorials. See our advice for all IKKS MEN in the form of videos, photos or diagrams.

IKKS is there to help every day, making it easier to choose your clothes with a wardrobe of 25 men’s basics and full looks for every occasion in your life.

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