2-in-1 clothes

One piece. Multiple possibilities.

With its iconic 2-in-1 clothes, IKKS asserts its status as a children’s clothing brand where style is akin to play. Perfect embodiment of this children’s fashion that is playful and fun alike, the IKKS 2-in-1 clothes are renewed every season based on the prominent trends at the time.

With its selection, IKKS uses the 2-in-1 pieces to mix fabrics, genres and volumes.

2-in-1 dress

This season, the stylish and feminine girls' dress is paired with a sports chic sweatshirt. Borrowed from the sports wardrobe, cotton fleece fabric comes together in perfect harmony with the elegant gathered details on the pinafore dress! A 2-in-1 dress to be worn with or without the sweatshirt as you wish.

2-in-1 top

IKKS is blurring the boundaries with this girls' top. A printed black blouse? A sequinned vest top? This 2-in-1 piece discreetly distinguishes itself, enabling a variety of looks in the blink of an eye. A combination of two carefully crafted tops that can be worn together or separately depending on the chosen style.

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