Neon & Shine

This season, you'll brighten your outfits with luminous touches to shake up your look and lighten up your days: Minimal flashy tones played up in neon green shades, iridescent and metallic highlights featuring a holographic colour or a lamé powder pink glittering aspect, dare to shine!
Holographic A holographic trend with changing hues. You’ll love its gleaming aspect featuring seven colours of the rainbow for futuristic, almost hypnotic looks.
Neon Yellow A touch of rightly blended colour. Subtle hints of neon colour brighten your looks on a daily basis by adding a punchy edge!
Shiny To get your glitter on, you'll love the lamé aspect of the baseball jacket or the pleated skirt showcasing a modernised street-wear edge.
I.Code pink pleated skirt Shimmering pink pleated skirt
Neon Pink A hint of punchy and peppy pink brightens pieces crafted in darker tones. A girly edge you can't miss out on this summer.