Summer Collection 2018

- After a winter of following the adventures of our Free Spirits in Paris, IKKS has packed its bags and set off to the Teide desert to shoot the Summer 2018 campaign!
Halfway between Europe and Africa, complete immersion in a desert landscape and black sand beaches. One word: FREEDOM!
IKKS Women's summer outfits 2018
IKKS Menswear. Spring Summer 2018
French Kids Clothes: Summer 2018
IKKS Spring Summer Boys Clothes
IKKS Women's Summer Outfits
A London-based model and singer in a rock band, she perfectly embodies the IKKS values. As well as being ultra natural, Lorelle emanates a beautiful energy.
IKKS Women's Clothes: Spring Summer 2018
A charismatic model originally from Poland, she has already made a stir in the world of cosmetics. Today, she is turning heads in the fashion world.
IKKS Summer Styles 2018
A 30-year-old Russian model and celebrated actor in Asia for his role in the film Dragon Inside Me. You can also catch him in the video clip for I Love You by Woodkid.
Casual Summer Outfits by IKKS Menswear
An artist's soul originally from Manchester. Matt is a colourful character, globe trotter and all-round funny guy who loves skating.
IKKS Girls Summer Outfits
IKKS Boys Clothes. Summer 2018
The Kids
Amy and Kenan came along for the ride too and made the film crew laugh from start to finish.
Mischievous and rebellious, they wake up at dawn and don't stop all day!
Our muses,

Free Spirits
 first and foremost!