Once again, IKKS reinvents children's fashion with its iconic reversibles, each an ingenious world of mischief unto itself. A new way for playful kids to get more versatility out of their clothes... To surprise, assert their personalities or just have fun!

The boys' reversible pieces combine plain colours with prints, the traditional with the original, essential colours with peppy ones. Just what it takes to satisfy each individual character!

From down jackets to sweatshirts to accessories: IKKS has added a multitude of reversible boys' garments and accessories to its Autumn/Winter 2017 collection.


Boys' down jackets flip in a flash, changing a kid's look. The printed side adds a unique trendy touch to add style to an outfit, while the plain coloured side brightens up any look! Blue or yellow? Manga or slogan? There's nothing more fun than switching around your reversible down jacket as the mood takes you!


It's never been so easy to dress kids in the morning with reversible tops. Without a second thought, just alternate the sides to match the day's outfit! In one go, everyone agrees!


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