Produits bébé du cabinet de curiosité Produits bébé du cabinet de curiosité

cabinet of curiosities

Our selection of emerging and on-trend brands,
to spoil your babies a little bit more. Mix your My Baby Rockk
favourites with creative gifts in just one click.

BARNABE AIME LE CAFE Liberty fabric musical guitar

€ 56,00

BARNABE AIME LE CAFE Russian doll musical box

€ 53,00

RAPLAPLA Fabric superhero doll with big red heart

€ 56,80

URBAN HELLO blue Rémi day/night educational alarm clock

€ 89,00

TAMBOUR BATTANT Mr Purple organic cotton rattle

€ 24,00

NORO black embroidered star Moses basket + cotton mattress

€ 202,00

GABRIELLE PARIS pink organic cotton gauze sleeper

€ 74,00

GABRIELLE PARIS green organic cotton gauze summer cover

€ 65,00

GABRIELLE PARIS pink+yellow washed linen comforter cushion

€ 39,00

BARNABE AIME LE CAFE Sam bib with insect motif

€ 19,00

CHILDHOME Baby Necessities black and brown bag

€ 39,00

HEVEA Raspberry red natural rubber star ball

€ 16,00

HEVEA Outer Space Black natural rubber dummy

€ 7,95

LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ 500 ml organic Rich cleansing gel

€ 9,90

HEVEA Mini Kawan Powerful pink rubber duck

€ 14,00

LABORATOIRES DE BIARRITZ 500 ml organic Rich cleansing gel

€ 9,90

CHILDHOME Mommy Bag ecru leopard print baby changing bag

€ 110,00

TENDRE CACTUS natural wooden rattle

€ 18,00

CHARLIE CRANE KUMI crib and organic mattress

€ 399,00

CHARLIE CRANE jaguar print Levo baby rocker

€ 219,00

ELHEE 150 ml Nude bottle with size 1 teat

€ 32,00

CÂLINESSE face and body cleansing lotion

€ 20,00

CHARLIE CRANE organic white Levo baby rocker

€ 219,00

LE BIBERON FRANÇAIS 3 bottle and bib Enjoy set

€ 65,00

TENDRE CACTUS Mummy Rock bracelet with coloured cord

€ 12,00

TENDRE CACTUS Good Night musical box

€ 44,00

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