IKKS has designed the BFF for contemporary heroines.

1440 minutes is how long a story lasts on Instagram and how long a charged up battery lasts.
1440 is the number of minutes in a women’s day,
a contemporary heroine who’s everything but ordinary. Discover the 1440 name

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the 1440 collection

Designed for every minute in your day and all the occasions in your life.

the 1440


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The (very) limited editions

sac cabas 1440 version cloutée rock see more +



Sac cabas bleu en cuir see more +



Le sac 1440 en version phython noir see more +



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Version medium en cuir argenté see more +



sac cabas IKKS effet snake see more +



Le sac cabas intemporel by IKKS

A range of smart

9 smart and elegant accessories to pop into your 1440.

La gamme d'accessoires et de sacs 1440 IKKS La gamme d'accessoires et de sacs 1440 IKKS


Portefeuille IKKS 1440 en cuir matelassé see more +

1440 E-Pocket


Pochette d'ordinateur IKKS 1440 en cuir see more +

1440 Laptop rescuer


Sac pochette IKKS pour femme see more +

1440 Rescue Pocket


sac minaudière en cuir IKKS see more +

1440 Waitress


Portefeuille IKKS 1440 en cuir see more +

1440 Trader wallet


porte chéquier IKKS en cuir see more +

1440 Banker


sac banane en cuir IKKS de la gamme 1440 see more +

1440 Pocket belt


sac besace matelassé en cuir de la gamme 1440 IKKS see more +

1440 Reporter


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1440 Small messenger



>> p4dding

A chevron design that gives the leather volume and reinforces the IKKS military rock DNA. Discover the 1440 leather

>> kn0wl3dge

Unique and timeless quilting, signature of IKKS expertise.

>> kn0wl3dge

Carried on the shoulder

>> should3r

A tote shape, with two ways of carrying it, to live, share and succeed in every minute of your life.

Carried by hand

>> h4nd

A tote shape, with two ways of carrying it, to live, share and succeed in every minute of your life.

Size can be adjusted with 2 zipped gussets on the sides of the bag.

>> 2 in 1

Size can be adjusted with 2 zipped gussets on the sides of the bag.

A lambskin leather bag with a buttery feel. Discover the 1440 leather

In addition to its pockets dedicated to digital accessories, the 1440 comes with a pocket torch and keyring to make our new heroines' days easier.

In addition to its pockets dedicated to digital accessories, the 1440 comes with a pocket torch and keyring to make our new heroines' days easier.

for you!

Powerbank, the daily ally of our connected heroines.
To sl ip into the pockets dedicated to digital accessories.


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with us

Leather tote bag

The tote bag, a must-have fashion accessory

The black tote bag is the on-trend bag that each woman has in their wardrobe. Each day a woman takes many accessories with her that she needs to have to hand throughout the day. The tote bag’s wide opening and roomy size thanks to a pouch give it a host of features. Women can therefore take all the accessories they need with them: wallet, keys, telephone, notebook, computer, water bottle, makeup, etc. Women on the go love the tote bag, whether they’re mums, career women or students. It’s for any woman who wants a bag at incomparable prices. The tote bag can be carried by hand or across the body. It’s the perfect product for shopping, going to the gym, getting groceries, going out at night or going to work. In real or faux leather, it goes with each wardrobe style, from the chic-est look to the most casual.

Leather for a quality tote bag

Leather is the most resistant material for handling your everyday pace. In leather, a woman’s tote bag will last longer. Leather is elegant. It can be quilted or padded to add a more on-trend dimension. Thanks to leather, the IKKS tote bag keeps its military rock style while feeling gorgeously soft. Leather is chic, sturdy for women to take with them whatever the weather during their busy days. If you’re looking for a bag that doesn't cost a lot, go for faux leather, but how boring is that! Choose leather for a tote bag that can handle your pace. It often comes in several colours: black, brown, grey, red, pink, etc.

The 1440 line, the new tote bag by IKKS

IKKS has launched a product that’s unwaveringly modern and timeless: the 1440 leather tote bag. The collection of IKKS bags and accessories and the 1440 in particular are the partners of today’s women. It’s a large bag with lots of pockets to keep all your essential things in, that you can carry by hand, or on the shoulder (or cross-body for the black medium). It’s a bag with a gorgeous design, in buttery soft lambskin leather. 7 1440 bags are available in several sizes and colours: black, textured leather, silver, snakeskin or python look. With its iconic, unique quilting, the 1440 tote bag gives all your looks a military rock vibe.

Why choose the IKKS 1440 bag?

The black leather tote bag is a must-have all women have in their wardrobes. But unlike other bags of this kind, the 1440 by IKKS provides new, modern features to suit what today’s women need every day. With its power bank and e-pocket, the leather tote bag means you can stay connected all day, whether you’re shopping, going to work or out to a night club. A host of accessories are added to that: pocket torch, strap, pouch, evening bag, wallet, belt pocket and wallet of course. The IKKS tote bag becomes whatever the person using it needs to use it for. During the day it can accommodate all that’s needed and easily charge your phone. It can by carried by hand in the metro and across the body while riding a bike. At night it becomes a leather bag with a rock look that can be adjusted thanks to its zips on the side or pared down to an evening bag for evening more style.

Tote bags are among the accessories found in any woman’s wardrobe. They’re traditionally black, but today are available in different colours and materials. In leather or textiles, tote bags remain items with timeless style with an affordable price. IKKS offers a line of practical bags that suit each woman’s outfit for them to do what they need to each day. Black, brown, silver, red or blue, the leather tote bag is the must-have accessory for a well-dressed style, day or night. The 1440 leather tote bag is a smart and timeless product with gorgeous shapes and digital accessories. It’s the shopping piece to have with you any time. Aficionados can find 1440 items online and in a selection of stores.

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